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Chapter 147: Knock Out Performance

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Hua Xin was tall and had long slender fingers.

In the past, he was not a particularly outstanding contestant behind the mask.

Ever since Hua Xins photos got leaked online, he did not admit it was him in the pictures, but everyone felt certain it was him and found him gorgeous.

Now his fans felt his every movement seemed incredibly hot.

With every slightest gesture he made, the fans screamed in unison.

Even the fans watching in front of the monitor went insane watching him.

It seemed as though the competition had transformed into his solo concert.

The host was also aware of the photo leak.

In total, he mentioned Hua Xins name 80% more than Shi Jin.


The cameraman also trained the camera on his long legs and fingers and gave him close-ups repeatedly.

The competition officially commenced.

Hua Xin was the first to sing.

Hua Xin and Shi Jin had composed the song for the competition.

Each of them would sing five paragraphs.

Hua Xins voice was gentle to begin with, so he sang like an idol singer from the entertainment industry.

We have traveled the world together.

We almost died for our dreams.

We have walked these lonely streets together.

We have supported each others dreams no matter how hopeless.

We swore to rise to the top together.

All the evidence of our love out there,

Is just a fraction of the truth.

Out in some deserted corner,

Lies even more romantic secrets.

With every line he sang, the audience screamed.

People also kept commenting online.

Despite the mask on his face, everyone could envision his face while he sang.

It felt moving to hear a gorgeous young man singing tenderly to them.

The increase in television and online viewership was clear evidence of his huge popularity.

People cared about looks, so everyone adored him when they found out how gorgeous he was.

Yao Jiahong watched with his eyes narrowed.

Yu Guannan crossed his arms.

However, Fu Xiuyuan watched the live telecast expressionlessly.

He only had eyes for Shi Jin.

He did not care about what he was singing.

Instead, he glanced at the comments online.

The moment he saw them, he turned cold and gave off a threatening aura.

The moment Hua Xin finished his performance, Shi Jin started to sing.

She held the microphone and started with the first line.

We have traveled the world together…

Her singing style was completely different from Hua Xin.

Hua Xin sang in a gentle voice like an idol singer, but her voice was bright and powerful, so everyone went into a daze when they heard it.

Even though they were using the same accompaniment, her singing was worlds apart from Hua Xin.

Everyone was undoubtedly blown away when she started singing.

She sounded like an unrestrained wild animal.

At the same time, she was as mesmerizing as a fairy.

Despite her simple outfit, her voice sounded absolutely explosive.

…We almost died for our dreams…

Her voice sounded like a pair of hands pulling you in and making you listen up.

After hearing her sing, no one else wanted to listen to anything but her.

Everyone who heard her sing would get captivated by her voice.

Yu Guannan could not resist slapping the chair armrest.

This was brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! He just knew that Shi Jin was capable of pulling this off.

In the acting trade, there was such a thing as knockout performance.

Most of the time, the acting went two ways..

However, if one of the actresses were able to deliver a knockout performance, her fellow actor would be incapable of keeping up and end up performing poorly.

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