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Chapter 146: Good Looks Sells

“I have a little bit more to go.

I am going to get ready now!” Gu Qinghua focused on her performance.

She was the weakest singer-songwriter among all the contestants, so she had to work extra hard.

She took her music score and said to Shi Jin solemnly, “Whatever the outcome, I have already won in life.

Thank you, Shi Jin.”

Shi Jin smiled when she saw Gu Qinghua appearing so confident.

It was great.

Just as Gu Qinghua said, no matter the outcome, she would have a better future now that she had overcome her weaknesses.

She would have far better opportunities from now on.

The next episode officially commenced.

Chu Ling was kicked out of the show as an instructor now that he was involved in plagiarizing Xia Peifengs music.

Kang Cheng was sent to replace him.

Kang Cheng was the producer of Ultimate Singer-Songwriter.

He started out by filming music videos and had produced a lot of albums for singers, so he had a lot of authority in the music industry.

Other than Wen Yongwei, he thought highly of Hua Xin.

Wen Yongwei would probably get groomed by Sheng Shuangnan and his family, but Kang Cheng had his eyes on Hua Xin.

Since he was a gorgeous young man, he could enter the market after working on this image a little.

He would be able to win a lot of brand ambassadorship deals and had incredible commercial potential.

As for the rest of the contestants, their fate depended mostly on their appearance, so Shi Jin had no future in the industry.

The public felt the same way as Kang Cheng more or less.

Even the best singers had trouble carving their career without a pretty face.

How much talent and good luck did Shi Jin need to have to make up for her ugly face

The competition commenced.

Situ Hao and Wen Yongwei were the first to sing.

The rules of the segment were simple.

The contestants would stand side by side and sing the same song.

They would both perform the same song using the same lyrics, accompaniment, lighting, and stage.

Both the contestants had co-written the song, so it was impossible for anyone to play favorites or allow a third party to affect the final outcome.

The contestant who was the most well-received would get to stay on the show and enter the finals.

This time, both of them performed extraordinarily well.

In the end, Wen Yongwei won just as expected and would rise to the ranks as one of the top three contestants.

Gu Qinghua and Meng Shaoheng came up next.

Gu Qinghuas performance was beyond expectation.

The moment she thought about being on the same stage as Shi Jin, she felt very confident and composed.

Although she lost to Meng Shaoheng, she did not look sad at all when she walked off the stage.

Shi Jin gave Gu Qinghua a hug.

Gu Qinghua hugged her back and said, “Shi Jin, I am sure you will win!”

Shi Jin nodded.

She changed her mask to the one for the performance and went on stage with Hua Xin.

As they went onto the stage, everyone kept shouting for Little Gold Bar in the comments!

The fans at the show screamed at the top of their lungs.

“Little Gold Bar, I love you! I want to have your babies!”

“Little Gold Bar, good luck.

You rock!”

“Little Gold Bar, over here!”

“I am ready to vote! You have to be the champion!”

Yao Jiahong and Yu Guannan automatically frowned.

The nature of the program had already changed.

Fortunately, there were still contestants like Shi Jin around.

Shi Jin picked up her microphone confidently.

Hua Xin also took his microphone.

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