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Chapter 145: Its Worth It

Shi Jin entered Lanting Residence and saw Fu Xiuyuan coming downstairs as she walked across the soft carpet.

The man was particularly tall.

He probably just came back from the office since he was still dressed in his suit.

He looked as stunning as a god in it.

Shi Jin automatically looked at him warmly as she opened her arms at him.

Fu Xiuyuan was caught by surprise before he got accustomed to her warmth.

Everything that happened recently felt like a dream to him.

It felt as surreal as walking on clouds.

He finally felt a sense of security after he stepped forward and embraced the young woman.

Shi Jin felt she was starting to get used to his embrace as well and was starting to like it.

She leaned against his chest and threw all her problems to the back of her head.

She took off her mask and leaned against him from the front.

Fu Xiuyuan lowered his eyes and saw the scar on Shi Jins lips.

In the past, he never felt it was ugly.

No matter how Shi Jin looked, she was beautiful in every way to him.

However, people kept talking about Shi Jins scar after Little Gold Bars studio-quality pictures appeared online.

Fu Xiuyuan finally caught on to how much pressure his girl must be under thanks to this.

He placed his long slender fingers on her lips and felt bad for her.

“Dont worry.

Everything will work out soon enough,” comforted Shi Jin.

“You know I have scar removal cream.”

Fu Xiuyuan replied deeply, “Uh huh.

If you use it with makeup, it wont be as effective.”

Shi Jin always had to put on makeup when she treated Fu Heyan, so the scar had yet to disappear.

Otherwise, Little Gold Bar could never compare to Shi Jin in terms of beauty.

Fu Xiuyuan was a taciturn man and usually looked cold.

In her past life, Shi Jin could not be bothered trying to figure out what he was thinking, so they ended up having a lot of misunderstandings.

After Shi Jin was reborn, she was able to immediately understand what he was trying to say.

It was almost like she could read his mind.

She immediately detected how sorry he felt about her situation, so she smiled and said, “Well, it is just a slight delay and not forever.

In any case, your sister is more important.”

The moment she finished her sentence, Fu Xiuyuan embraced her tightly as though he wanted to become one with her.

Shi Jin smiled even more brightly.

“She is your family, so I think its worth it.”

She could sense that Fu Xiuyuans fragile sense of security was gradually flourishing.


The next day, a lot of fans waited outside the filming location before the competition started.

Most of them were holding banners and lights for Little Gold Bar.

It was clear that good looks gave him an edge at winning fans over.

Shi Jin walked over quietly.

Hua Xins talent agent smiled smugly as he glanced at Shi Jin.

His eyes were filled with so much contempt and cockiness that Gu Qinghua almost went over to pummel him.

Shi Jin pulled her slender arm.


Gu Qinghua refused to let this slide.

“They are too much! This is no different from selling sex!”

She was absolutely disappointed with the program.

They insisted on grooming talent and disregard looks when they promoted the show.

However, Hua Xin ended up using his face.

“Never mind.

They are not fit for us to get angry over,” said Shi Jin.

“How is your song coming along”

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