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Chapter 144: How Could He Call Himself a Man and Do This

Sheng Shuangnan had given him a good offer, so he could not go on insisting for more.

Although it was a far better outcome than Yao Jiahong expected, he was still furious.

Yu Guannan comforted him, “Since it has already happened, theres no point in getting angry.

You should focus on helping Shi Jin perform better.”

Yao Jiahong recalled Shi Jins bright beautiful eyes and felt he owed her a lot.

If he had started paying attention to her sooner, perhaps things would be far easier for her.

Shi Jin was rehearsing with Gu Qinghua without taking the incident to heart.

After they finished rehearsing, Hua Xin came to the filming location.

Although Hua Xin was still wearing a mask, a lot of employees swarmed over asking for autographs.

“Little Gold Bar, I love you so much!”

“Mind giving me an autograph”

“Can you take a picture with me”

Hua Xin did everything they asked.

In an instant, everyone backstage wanted a piece of him.

Gu Qinghua sneered, “How could he call himself a man and do this”

She hated herself for being an insignificant contestant and being incapable of protecting Shi Jin.

Even though Hua Xins pictures were already deleted from social media, everyone was already talking about it.

Hua Xin was simply gorgeous, so everyone started talking about how ugly Shi Jin was again.

Everyone kept comparing their appearances and people kept praising Hua Xin sky high while they insulted her to no end.

It was already criminal to be ugly in the entertainment industry, but Shi Jin even had a ghastly scar on her face!

“Hey, Shi Jin.” Gu Qinghua came back with cake, milk tea, and some novelty items.

“These are for you!”

She was not an expressive person, so she could only attempt to make Shi Jin happy by giving her nice things.

Shi Jin smiled until her eyes curved slightly and her eyes looked warmer than usual.

Regardless of what people said about her appearance, she did not care.

The only people who could affect her mood were people she cared about.


The moment Shi Jin got onto the huge van, she started looking at her music manuscript group as Yao Jiahong sat beside her and told her about Sheng Shuangnans decision.

“Are they going to give me so many votes at the get-go” asked Shi Jin rhetorically.

“Of course!” Yao Jiahong felt sad for Shi Jin when people kept talking about her appearance online.

“The talent agency must have put Little Gold Bars picture online to help him win! Mr Shen simply helped to make the situation fairer.”

Shi Jin raised her brow as she scrutinized Yao Jiahong.

“Jiahong, why are you so upset about this”

In the past, he could not be bothered asking her about the contest or her work.

Yao Jiahong asked rhetorically in an awkward tone, “Am I”

Shi Jin felt he was not only upset about it, but he was also reacting particularly strongly.

She heard that ever since Hua Xins picture emerged online, Yao Jiahong immediately started working on getting them deleted.

He even spoke to the film crew to do his utmost to ensure the results of the contest would not get affected by its contestants appearances.

However, she did not say much and simply replied, “In that case, Ill take it.”

Yao Jiahong was afraid she might refuse the votes.

He felt it was all worth making a huge fuss with Sheng Shuangnan when she accepted the votes right away.

He wanted to say a few encouraging words to Shi Jin, but he stopped when he noticed she was wearing earphones and was listening to music.

However, he kept looking at her.


Shi Jin did not really care about those 500 000 votes.

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