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Chapter 143: Reincarnate Into Ugly People

Backstage at the film set.

Sheng Shuangnan sat on the main seat.

Yao Jiahong and Yu Guannan sat on his left.

Hua Xins talent agent and Kang Cheng were sitting on the right.

Every atom of Yao Jiahongs body was angry.

“From the start, the contestants were not allowed to show their faces.

Now that Little Gold Bars pictures are out there, it is very unfair for Little Stone!”

Hua Xins talent agent said, “We didnt mean to do it.

How could we stop the paparazzi from publishing his picture”

“Are you so sure you didnt do it on purpose” said Yao Jiahong bluntly.

Hua Xins talent agent slammed the table and stood up.

“Do you have evidence You cant make such accusations without evidence!”

Yu Guannan pulled Yao Jiahong and made him sit down.

Yao Jiahong sat down furiously, but he continued, “If they compete, it would be completely unfair!”

“We have already contacted the people who posted the pictures and spent money to remove them.” Hua Xins talent agent looked indignant and upset about spending the money.

“A forum discussing Little Gold Bars good looks has already been set up! Hundreds of thousands of people are already following it.” It was the first time Yao Jiahong ever fought so hard for Shi Jin in his life.

This was such a serious matter.

Hua Xins picture was posted online in complete secrecy and it was impossible for them to point the finger at anyone.

From the start, Shi Jin was at a disadvantage since everyone already knew about her ghastly scar.

Hua Xins talent agent laughed.

“Is it my fault that Little Gold Bar is hot!”

“You!” Yao Jiahong wanted to slam the table this time.

“Should he get some work done to make himself a little uglier so that things are fair for Little Stone Does it mean everyone has to get reincarnated into ugly people to make things fair for her”

Yao Jiahong wanted to jump over the table to beat him up, but Yu Guannan pulled him back.

Kang Cheng waved his hand and said, “Since it has already happened, there is no point fighting about this.

Its not like Little Gold Bar was behind it.

Cant you just let it slide”

“How could you let it slide when it puts Little Stone at such a huge disadvantage”

Kang Cheng looked at Yao Jiahong powerlessly.

Ever since Hua Xins face appeared online, Kang Cheng was very impressed and wanted to promote Hua Xin.

In this time and age, natural beauties that made good artists were already signed by talent agencies.

Hua Xin became such a hit online with just a few pictures, so Kang Cheng was dying to groom the young man.

In his opinion, Shi Jin was the least marketable contestant.

Her face was scarred and people kept smearing her.

The fans kept hating her for everything she did, so she was a magnet for trouble.

Even though they were still debating the matter, Kang Cheng had already taken sides.

“Why dont we get Mr Sheng to decide” Kang Cheng pushed the matter to Sheng Shuangnan

Sheng Shuangnan contemplated before he broke his silence and said, “Since Little Gold Bar has already gained a lot of fans because of the picture, it is very unfair for Little Stone.

I suggest automatically giving Little Stone 500 000 votes when they compete without announcing it to the public.

What do you think”

Hua Xins talent agent disagreed.

“Thats simply too many votes! It is completely unfair!”

“Dont push your luck!” said Sheng Shuangnan deeply.

Hua Xins talent agent immediately stopped talking.

Sheng Shuangnans voice sounded deep and threatening.

The talent agent was responsible for putting Hua Xins photo out there, so he lost confidence when he heard what Sheng Shuangnan said.

Even though no one discovered he was behind it for now, it did not mean he could keep it a secret forever.

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