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Chapter 142: This Is Unfair

People secretly looked at Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin as they queued for milk tea.

“Oh god.

He is so gorgeous! Is he a superstar”

“The lady is also super pretty!”

“I feel like taking pictures of them!”

Shi Jin contemplated.

She retrieved two masks and got Fu Xiuyuan to put one on.

Fu Xiuyuan beamed when he saw how reluctant Shi Jin was for the other people to see his face.

She did not want others to see his face, and he only wanted to let her admire it.

The people around them noticed that they did not want their pictures taken, so they scattered after taking a quick look.

Moments later, Shi Jin suddenly heard people talking.

“Heavens! He is absolutely hot!”

“Uh huh.

Check this out, you guys!”

Shi Jin turned around and saw someone looking at some pictures on the phone.

Shi Jin seemed to take an interest, so the lady showed her the picture.

“Isnt he hot”

It was a picture of an unknown man.

It was a well-taken picture with perfect lighting and just the right filter.

Even though it appeared like a random shot, it seemed as though it was taken by a professional.

The picture had succeeded in capturing the mans aura.

Fu Xiuyuan poked Shi Jins palm with his finger jealously when he saw her admiring some other mans photo.

After Shi Jin turned her head back, someone continued saying, “He is Little Gold Bar fromUltimate Singer-Songwriter!”

“Wow! I didnt expect him to be this hot! Are you sure though Everyone knows the contestants arent allowed to show their faces if they want to join the show.”

“A lot of news media outlets have confirmed this to be true.”

“The paparazzi secretly took the pictures.

Since Little Gold Bar didnt deliberately post the pictures, it isnt his fault.

If anyone is to blame, it is the paparazzi for being so aggressive.”

Shi Jin frowned slightly.

Fu Xiuyuan swiftly detected her annoyance and remembered something.

“Isnt Little Gold Bar your opponent in the next segment of the show”

“Uh huh.” Shi Jin nodded.

She did not want to doubt her opponents integrity.

However, it was hard for her not to think the worst when Little Gold Bars handsome face suddenly appeared online.

Out of the six remaining contestants, people kept picking on Shi Jin for her looks.

None of the other contestants had shown their faces yet.

After Deng Yufei exposed Shi Jins scar, it made Shi Jins life very hard.

People worship good-looking artists in the entertainment industry, so Shi Jin did not come in first even though she was the most talented singer-songwriter on the show.

She was genuinely held back by her ghastly scar.

Her fans admired true talent and rarely cared about looks.

“This is unfair.” Fu Xiuyuan promptly realized how this would work against Shi Jin.

A cold look swept through his eyes as he frowned angrily.

Shi Jin knew Fu Xiuyuan could not take it lying down when she got pushed around and would immediately do something about Little Gold Bar.

She said promptly, “Let me handle the problems on the show.”

Fu Xiuyuan lowered his eyes and was clearly upset that Shi Jin was treated so unfairly.

Shi Jin comforted him, “If I cant handle it, I will get my hubby to help.

Since these people are just rookies, it is a waste to use an atomic bomb to take care of nobodies like them.”

Fu Xiuyuans frown disappeared and he felt pleased to hear what she said.

He also felt that his girl was capable of handling the problem.

He loved her, so he had to let her do what she wanted.

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