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Chapter 141: The Best Time for Us to Have Bubble Tea

Song Fan did not stop there.

“Also, Mr Fu checked online and saw guys cooking on their first date, so he personally cooked for you.

He spent the entire time preparing food for you and didnt have time to eat.”

Song Fan initially thought Fu Xiuyuan was preparing lunch for Dr.

Si Jin and felt relieved that Fu Xiuyuan had gotten over Shi Jin.

Fu Xiuyuan was thinking hard about Shi Jins food preferences when he told Song Fan that Si Jin was actually Shi Jin.


Song Fan slapped his thigh so hard from the shock that it almost got bruised.

He was happy too soon.

“Miss Shi, you cant blame Mr Fu for being late.

He was just trying to prepare lunch for you,” said Song Fan solemnly.

“Song Fan!” interrupted Fu Xiuyuan.

Song Fan sounded too harsh.

Fu Xiuyuan could not stand hearing him speaking to Shi Jin rudely.

So that was the reason Fu Xiuyuan was late.

Shi Jin gazed at Fu Xiuyuan.

He probably did not even know where the kitchen was, but he surprisingly prepared lunch for her.

No wonder he was so late!

Fu Xiuyuan concealed his anxiety.

He was genuinely clueless about what to do when he went on a date with a girl.

This was the first official date he had with Shi Jin.

Although he came prepared with his homemade lunch, he was still worried that Shi Jin would not like his cooking.

He could not help moving the lunch box behind him a little just thinking about it.

Song Fan was astonished to see Fu Xiuyuans reaction.

Fu Xiuyuan was a completely different man in front of Shi Jin and it blew Song Fans mind every time he witnessed it!

Fu Xiuyuan was nothing like the decisive man who did not even bat an eye when he took over other businesses.

Did he have to be so nervous when he simply made some lunch for Shi Jin

Song Fan could not bear watching! Song Fan was not alone and Shi Jin naturally knew about this

She touched Fu Xiuyuans hand, took the lunch box, and opened it.

The food was arranged in a heart shape.

Fu Xiuyuan even made a small rose for decoration using a carrot.

Shi Jin smiled brightly as she took the food out and took a big bite.

“Xiuyuan, thanks.

I really like it.”

Fu Xiuyuan looked a little worried initially, but he instantly looked relieved and happy when he heard what she said.


Fu Heyan found it unbelievable.

No matter how Director Chen Junior tried to convince her, she did not believe a word he said.

“I was so shocked that I forgot to take a video!” Director Chen Junior regretted his actions.

Fu Heyan said, “Okay, enough already.

Thanks for trying to make me happy.”

She hoped with all her heart that this would come true.

However, it was wishful thinking for Fu Xiuyuan to accept Dr.

Si Jin immediately.

She would be happy enough for Dr Si Jin to slowly grow on Fu Xiuyuan.


Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan finished all the food before long.

Fu Xiuyuan happily watched as Shi Jin finished her food before she said, “Lets go for a stroll and have some bubble tea!”

Fu Xiuyuan immediately stood up.


Even though Fu Xiuyuan was brought up by a woman like Fu Heyan, he rarely went for walks and bubble tea, let alone with Shi Jin.

“Do I need to prepare anything” asked Fu Xiuyuan anxiously.


You already look hot, so its the best time for us to have bubble tea!”

Fu Xiuyuan followed behind Shi Jin as he held her slender hand in his palm.

It felt absolutely soft and supple.

Her skin was so soft and flawless that he was reluctant to let her hand go, but he was also afraid of holding it too tightly.

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