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Chapter 14: She Ended up Reluctant

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Fu Xiuyuan raised his head and looked at Shi Jin with his dark eyes as she went into a daze.

Shi Jin smiled at him as she picked up her bowl.

Her smile was so sweet that it left Fu Xiuyuan stunned.

He instantly felt that she was a feast for the eyes.

He used to think that the idiom was a sheer fabrication.

However, now that he had laid eyes on her, he knew that the people who coined it spoke the truth and people deserving of this description truly existed.

Shi Jin initially wanted to head to her room after dinner.

After she was forced to move into Repulse Bay Villa, she was given her own room, and she did everything to avoid Fu Xiuyuan.

Since they only got married last night, Fu Xiuyuan allowed her to use her old room.

However, they were now married, so he might get upset if they slept in separate rooms.

Shi Jin squeezed her shirt, a look of determination emerged on her face, and she entered Fu Xiuyuans room.

Her gestures did not escape Fu Xiuyuans eyes.

His heart tightened when he noticed her dilemma.

In the end, she was reluctant to be with him.

The fury that had disappeared gathered once more and made the atmosphere several degrees colder.

Shi Jin had already left and failed to notice Fu Xiuyuans anger.

Even though she liked Fu Xiuyuan, she was afraid to sleep with him for the first time.

She might have already lived an entire lifetime before, but this was still new to her, and she could not bring herself to do it yet.

She deliberately bathed and lay down in bed before Fu Xiuyuan came back to the room.

She wanted to chat with him more, but she was so tired that she fell asleep right away.

Fu Xiuyuan went back to the room somewhat angrily to see her lovely little face under the blankets.

Her eyes were closed, so her long eyelashes looked like butterflies sitting quietly on her face.

She looked calm, peaceful, and indescribably beautiful.

He reached his hand out angrily before halting abruptly.

She was surprisingly sleeping on his bed! Also, she was sleeping well without the slightest repulsion.

Fu Xiuyuan was stunned.

He stood up slowly without disturbing the girl on his bed before he quietly headed to the bathroom.

Shi Jin slept well all night.

Fu Xiuyuan was not around when she woke up.

However, she could faintly smell his cold pine scent on the blanket.

Shi Jin was certain that he was there all night.

No wonder she could sleep so well.

She encountered so much suffering in her past life that she was incapable of sleeping well.

So she could only rest with him around.

However, she found it odd that Fu Xiuyuan did not touch her.

Shi Jin did not encounter Fu Xiuyuan when she walked out with her bag.

Also, Butler Chen surprisingly did not stop her when she left.

It felt as though she could enter and leave the villa as she wished.

Shi Jin left the door to see a huge van parked at the door and her agent, Yao Jiahong, getting down from it.

Yao Jiahong was the top agent in Supreme Entertainment and had helped groom a lot of top celebrities before, so he was one of the best agents in the industry.

He threw away the work he had on hand to groom Shi Jin at Fu Xiuyuans request.

Needless to say, he did not welcome the chore.

He was wearing sunglasses and looked like he could not be bothered with Shi Jin.

Even his well-coiffed, slicked-back hair looked like it abhorred Shi Jin.

Yao Jiahong was initially excited to groom someone handpicked by Fu Xiuyuan since Fu Xiuyuan had a keen eye.

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