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Chapter 139: Next Time

Shi Jin knew Fu Xiuyuan would definitely show up.

She had stood up Fu Xiuyuan countless times in both her lifetimes, but he always kept his word.

“He will come,” said Shi Jin softly.


Si, why dont you get it Mr Fu doesnt want to date you, but he did not want to make you upset, so he decided to stand you up.” Director Chen Junior felt bad for Shi Jin.

Shi Jin was as beautiful as a fairy and Director Chen Junior would rather die than break her heart.

How could Fu Xiuyuan stand her up

He pointed at himself and said, “Dr.

Si, there is plenty of other fish in the sea.

Dont bother wasting your time on him.”

Shi Jin did not even look at Director Chen Junior as she said, “Since you are in a hurry, you are free to leave.”

Director Chen Junior refused to go.

He wanted to stay with Shi Jin and protect her.

Director Chen Junior suddenly got blinded briefly when he raised his head.

The door opened and Fu Xiuyuan strode in.

He was dressed in a couture suit that brought out his well-defined figure making him absolutely captivating.

He strode over to Shi Jin.

As he walked, his defined muscles and lines could be vaguely seen through his pants.

Fu Xiuyuan had incredibly long legs and was even more attractive than a model.

For a moment, even Director Chen Junior was overwhelmed by his good looks.

However, Fu Xiuyuan looked so cold that it was impossible for anyone to look him straight in the eye.

“Hes here! Hes finally here!” Director Chen Junior nudged Shi Jin.

Director Chen Junior was worried that Shi Jin would end up embarrassed when Fu Xiuyuan walked over coldly to reject her advances, so he was even more anxious than Shi Jin.

Fu Xiuyuan glanced around before his eyes landed firmly on Shi Jin.

The girl stopped working and raised her head, still holding her phone.

She took a random glance before her eyes lit up when she saw him.

Fu Xiuyuans expression instantly softened.

It was his girl!

He strode over briskly.

Director Chen Junior automatically stood up.

Fu Xiuyuan walked past Director Chen Junior and went over to Shi Jin without so much as glancing at him.

Director Chen Junior finally realized Fu Xiuyuan was holding an exquisite lunchbox.

Even though he was dressed in a couture suit, there was nothing off about it.

Since he had the looks and body, he made the lunch box appear like a piece of couture accessory.

“Sorry, Im late,” said Fu Xiuyuan deeply.

He sounded sincere as he awaited Shi Jins punishment.

Director Chen Juniors mouth opened so wide that it could fit an egg.

Shi Jin felt touched when she caught his expression.

She had stood him up and lied countless times, but he never threw a temper at her and always ended up saying nice things to her.

Even though it was the first time he was late, he felt so bad about it.

How could she bring herself to be mad

Fu Xiuyuan spoke with his voice trembling nervously when she did not answer, “Dont be angry.”

“Im not angry.” Shi Jin felt touched.

“Just dont do it next time.”

Fu Xiuyuans eyes gleamed brightly in disbelief.

“Next time”

He was already beside himself with joy when Shi Jin asked him out today.

Would she ask him out again

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