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Chapter 137: Wait For Me

Director Chen Junior followed behind Shi Jin.

He was confident Fu Xiuyuan simply treated Shi Jin as Fu Heyans doctor and nothing more.

Shi Jin reached her hand out to take the phone and composed an audio message: [Xiuyuan, shall we do lunch We have known each other for so long, but we have never gone out on a date.

Why dont we go on one]

Fu Heyans eyes nearly popped from their sockets in shock.

She did not see this coming.

How could this elegant young woman end up so bold and direct

Shi Jin was bold, decisive, and just her type!

Fu Heyan took the phone from Shi Jin.

She had a feeling Fu Xiuyuan would either pretend he did not receive the message or throw his temper at the lovely doctor! Naturally, it was more likely for the latter to happen!

He would do anything Fu Heyan asked, but he drew his boundary when it came to Shi Jin, so it was impossible to convince him to break up with Shi Jin.

Now that Dr Si had boldly offered to go on a date with Fu Xiuyuan, he was bound to blow up.

Fu Heyan was genuinely worried.

She reached her hand out and instinctively pulled Shi Jin to her side protectively.

“Jin, I will protect you!”

Shi Jin felt puzzled by what Fu Heyan said.

Director Chen Junior could detect the change in Fu Heyans mood.

After all, Fu Xiuyuan was well-known in the hospital for being a cold and serious man.

He clenched his fists automatically.

“I am here for you as well!”

Shi Jin was bewildered by his response.


Fu Heyans phone vibrated when she received a notification for an audio message.

It was from Fu Xiuyuan.

She held her phone with her hands trembling.

Although Fu Xiuyuan was her biological little brother, she did not dare to make him angry.

Fu Heyans hand trembled and her phone quickly fell onto the ground.

Director Chen Junior quickly picked up the phone.

“Here you are, Miss Fu.”

Fu Heyan felt as though her hands were injured.

Even though it was just a phone, she was unable to hold it firmly.

Shi Jin reached her hand out to take it and glanced at the screen as she said, “Do you want to hear it”

Fu Heyan swallowed nervously before she gritted her teeth and made up her mind.

Fu Xiuyuan was just going to get angry about this.

Since it was her fault, she could not let Dr Si suffer for it.

She suppressed the tremble in her voice and said, “Tap on it!”

It wasnt like Fu Xiuyuan would eat her alive!

Shi Jin reached her hand out, but Fu Heyan stopped her.

“Hang on.

Let me call Sinian first.”

Shi Jin handed the phone to her.

Fu Heyan calmly tapped on Qin Sinians number and pressed dial.

Her gorgeous face looked unrestrained and confident.

After the call got through, Qin Sinians voice came from over the phone.

Fu Heyan pouted and said with a crying voice, “Hubby, come back now! Im in big trouble!”

After making the call, she cleared her throat and said softly to Shi Jin, “Lets see what Xiuyuan has to say about lunch.”

Director Chen Junior was in shock when he saw the major change in Fu Heyans mood.

Shi Jin smiled.

She found Fu Heyan incredibly adorable.

In her past life, Shi Jin found Fu Heyan annoying, pretentious, and harsh.

Shi Jin only later realized Fu Heyan had done it for the sake of Fu Xiuyuan.

If Shi Jin treated Fu Xiuyuan well, Fu Heyan would be friends with her.

Shi Jin took the phone and tapped on Fu Xiuyuans audio message.

Fu Xiuyuans voice sounded cool as usual.

Even though he did not sound excited, it was a positive response: [Wait for me.]

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