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Chapter 136: Willing to Die For Her

Shi Jin stood up to leave.

Director Chen Junior swiftly stood up.

“Dr Si, let me buy you lunch.

Its just lunch and nothing else…”

Although Director Chen Junior was a few years older than Shi Jin, Shi Jin was reborn, so she was mentally older than him.

Since Director Chen Junior meant no harm and was simply young, so Shi Jin did not want to hurt his feelings.

Instead, she simply told him candidly, “I am having lunch with my boyfriend.”

Director Chen Junior instantly caught his breath and smiled.

“Dr Si, I know you are single! Miss Fu keeps saying that she wants to match you with her little brother!”

Shi Jin went speechless, “…”

Fu Heyan had blown her cover.

Director Chen Junior followed behind Shi Jin.

“Dr Si, I dont smoke, drink or play video games.

I am a straight guy who treats women with respect.

I also dont have any bad habits.

Why dont we have lunch”

This was no lunch.

It was clearly a blind date.

Shi Jin cleared her throat gently before she looked at Director Chen Junior.

Director Chen Juniors heart throbbed as she looked at him, leaving him anxious as he waited for her response.

Shi Jin smiled.

“I already agreed to see Miss Fus little brother.”

Director Chen Junior was stunned.

He quickly composed himself and said, “Thats impossible!”

Who was Fu Heyans little brother

Even though Director Chen Junior did not know who he was, Fu Heyan was a renowned international pianist and came from a powerful family.

Director Chen Junior had seen Fu Heyans little brother from a distance.

He looked like a cold and distant man and certainly not the type to agree to matchmaking.

However, Director Chen Junior had to admit the girl in question was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on.



Fu seems hard to get along with! Even if you agreed to see him, he might not feel the same way.” Director Chen Junior could not bear for Shi Jin to end up rejected.

“He has already agreed to be my boyfriend.” Shi Jin smiled as she looked at him.

Director Chen Junior was in disbelief.


Si, even if you dont want to have lunch with me, I can wait until you change your mind, but you dont have to lie to me.”

Director Chen Junior followed behind Shi Jin as she left.

He was clearly implying that when Fu Xiuyuan rejected her, he would be here to comfort her.

Shi Jin turned to enter Fu Heyans hospital ward.

Fu Heyan was texting Fu Xiuyuan inside.

Fu Heyan had yet to respond to Fu Xiuyuans question mark, so he detected something amiss and texted her: [If you dont come clean, I wont come.]

Fu Heyan did not dare to tell her little brother the truth.

Considering Fu Xiuyuans personality, he would probably have such a huge fit that he would blow up the entire hospital if Fu Heyan told him to leave Shi Jin.

What had Shi Jin done to make Fu Xiuyuan so in love with her that he was willing to die for her

Fu Heyan did not dare to tell Fu Xiuyuan that she wanted to matchmake him with someone else.

She simply wanted to let him get to know Dr.

Si better and learn how good she was in time.

He could gradually distance himself from Shi Jin and be with Dr.


Just as she was thinking about what to say, Shi Jin strode into the hospital ward.

“Jin, perfect timing.” Fu Heyan hurriedly handed her phone to Shi Jin.

“My little brother wants to buy you lunch to thank you for treating me.

Why dont you talk to him about it directly”

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