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Chapter 135: I Didnt Mean To

“Dont leave just yet! Promise me you wont go!” Fu Heyan covered her hands.

“My hands hurt badly, so I am worried something might go wrong! Jin, can you keep me company today”

Fu Heyan was clearly pretending, but Shi Jin wanted to play safe with Fu Heyans hands, so she said, “In that case, I will wait outside until your pain subsides.”

Fu Heyan felt happy to hear this.

After Shi Jin left the hospital ward, she hurriedly sent Fu Xiuyuan a text message: [Are you coming to see me at noon]

[Yes, I am.]


I am waiting for you.] Fu Heyan was delighted that her little brother was coming over.

[Dont eat lunch on your own.

Lets do lunch together.]

Fu Heyan did not want to force them to date, but Shi Jin kept hurting Fu Xiuyuan repeatedly.

She kept lying to Fu Xiuyuan because of Chu Ling.

Even when Shi Jin treated Fu Xiuyuan more decently, it was just a pretense so that she could go out and meet Chu Ling.

No one bought what she said, but Fu Xiuyuan continued to trust her.

Fu Heyan felt sorry for her little brother and kept hoping that he could meet the right woman.

Dr Si clearly looked like the perfect woman for Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan kept looking at the second message from his older sister and could tell she was up to something.

He replied: []

Fu Heyan did not dare to answer out of fear that she might give herself away.

If Fu Xiuyuan caught on to her plans, he would not come.

Shi Jin sat outside Fu Heyans VIP hospital ward as she read her manuscript.

“Hi, Dr Si!” A voice came from somewhere.

Shi Jin raised her head and recognized the man before her.

He was one of the hospital directors sons and she had seen him a couple of times previously.

Even though Shi Jin came with Du Xies recommendation, no one dared to approve Fu Heyans surgery.

Director Chen Junior looked into her eyes and felt blown away by her beauty.

He promptly handed her request to the hospital director and got it approved.

Each time she visited Fu Heyan, Mr Chen would eagerly follow behind her and clearly admired her.

Shi Jin had installed a privacy application on her phone.

Otherwise, he would have called ages ago.

Shi Jin had already forgotten about him, but the moment he looked at her earnestly, she remembered who he was.

He was extremely happy to see Shi Jin and quickly sat down in front of her.

“Dr Si, since it is almost lunchtime, lets go eat!” Director Chen Junior invited her for lunch enthusiastically.

Shi Jin was not wearing a mask, so her sharp chin could be seen.

Since she had put on makeup, her face was simply exquisite.

Although her eyes were a little cool, she had breathtaking good looks.

Director Chen Junior felt his heart palpitating uncontrollably.

She was so mesmerizing that he was unable to finish what he wanted to say.

“Sorry, I have plans for lunch.” Shi Jin turned him down immediately.

Director Chen Junior was so infatuated with Shi Jin that he unknowingly reached his hand out to hold hers.

Shi Jin frowned as she evaded it.

Director Chen Junior finally caught on to his inappropriate gesture and hurriedly said, “I am so sorry.”

The moment he saw Shi Jin reacting coldly, he hurriedly cried, “Dr Si, I didnt mean to.”

Director Chen Junior was quite young and had yet to work.

Since his father was a director on the hospital board, he was often at the hospital.

However, now he simply resembled a nervous kid.

Shi Jin knew it was completely unintentional.

Otherwise, she would not have allowed someone like him to keep showing up around her.

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