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Chapter 133: Stop Packing!

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Gu Qinghua had already surprisingly stayed on the show far longer than she expected, so she was extremely calm.

She smiled at Shi Jin.

If not for Shi Jin, she would never have overcome her lack of confidence and stood on the stage.

Shi Jin privately kept helping to clean up Gu Qinghuas songs, rehearse with her, and got her to overcome her stage fright bit by bit.

Gu Qinghua never thought the day would ever come when she could stand on the stage confidently.

It was an immense glory for Gu Qinghua.

More importantly, she could stand on the stage to face the audience fearlessly and be herself.


Now that the lots are drawn, you can start preparing,” said Kang Cheng as he glanced at Wen Yongwei encouragingly.

Wen Yongwei smiled when Kang Cheng looked at her supportively.

She genuinely felt a little nervous.

All six remaining contestants were good singer-songwriters and were popular in their own right, so she had to perform even better.

Gu Qinghua saw how calm Shi Jin was and felt this was the right way to go.

Although people often smeared Shi Jin, Gu Qinghua felt Shi Jin never got distracted.

Instead, she focused on doing what she loved.

Shi Jin had set the perfect example for her.

It made Gu Qinghua realize that she had to focus entirely on her dreams if she wanted to make it in this complicated industry.


Before the competition started, Shi Jin wanted to visit Fu Heyan at the hospital.

She put on her doctors robe and disguised herself as Si Jin.

When she got to the hospital ward entrance, she could hear Fu Heyan talking to Qin Sinian.

“I dont want to see Shi Jin, so make sure you tell Fu Xiuyuan not to bring her here!”

Qin Sinian laughed softly.

“Why cant you tell him on your own”

She was afraid of Fu Xiuyuan, so she did not dare bring it up on her own.

Fu Heyan laughed gently to conceal her awkwardness, “I just dont want to see her.

Have you forgotten she was the one who broke the gift you gave me on our wedding day The moment I see her, I feel so angry that I am breathless!”

Qin Sinian comforted Fu Heyan and promised to keep Shi Jin from the hospital before Fu Heyan gave him a peck on his face.

Shi Jin touched the doctors robe she was dressed in and sighed.

Fortunately, she came in disguise today.

Fu Heyan was instantly delighted to see Shi Jin when she walked over.


Qin Sinian was particularly respectful to this young doctor.

“Hi, Dr Si.

Have a seat.”

Shi Jin sat down and examined Fu Heyans hands.

Fu Heyans surgery was a success and the post-surgery maintenance was well-done.

She had recovered well after staying in the hospital for about half a month.

“When can I leave the hospital” Fu Heyan was an energetic person, so she was bored to her wits end.

If Qin Sinian did not keep an eye on her, she would have run away from the hospital ages ago.

“At this stage, it is usually fine for patients to go home,” said Shi Jin unhurriedly.

Fu Heyan said happily, “Sinian, pack my things.”

Shi Jin continued unhurriedly, “Are you just some normal person Do you still want to play piano and participate in competitions Do you still want to teach students piano”

Fu Heyan said miserably, “Fine.

Stop packing!”

Qin Sinian contained his laughter as he put down her things out of fear that his wife would scold him.

He hurriedly went to buy her some food.

“This cream is for you.” Shi Jin retrieved a bottle and handed it to Fu Heyan.

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