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Chapter 13: Swelling In Her Brain

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Fu Xiuyuan could not bring himself to say it, but Shi Jin certainly was his baby.

Her hair, curly eyelashes… Everything about her was as adorable as a baby that it made his heart turn to mush.

“Do you think I wrote him a love letter” Shi Jin handed him her phone.

“Take a look!”

It was a video she took before going on the show.

All four documents were identical song manuscripts.

The copy she gave Chu Ling was no different from the other copies.

Fu Xiuyuan let her go.

The fury surging in his dark eyes calmed down gradually.

He even seemed a little guilty.

Shi Jin knew that he could decide for himself.

This bit of evidence was only enough for her to gain a short period of trust.

Never mind.

Time would prove it all.

Now that she was reborn, she had plenty of time.

“Shall we eat” Shi Jin knew his habits well.

Fu Xiuyuan was unable to eat and sleep peacefully once he was agitated.

He would throw himself into work with all the fury in his heart.

His habits almost ruined his life.

She held Fu Xiuyuans hand.

However, the moment she held it, she discovered it was injured, and he did not bother to disinfect and bandage it!

“Xiuyuan, what happened Does it hurt” asked Shi Jin.

Fu Xiuyuan said nothing.

He cut his palm with his phone when Shi Jin nearly picked Chu Ling.

All he felt was fury and defeat but not the slightest pain.

Shi Jin was heartbroken.

She went to get the first aid box to take care of the wound.

Fu Xiuyuan obediently reached his hand out and let Shi Jin bandage it.

He did not even frown when she sprayed the alcohol on the wound.

At that time, Butler Chen came over with tea.

Despite his dislike for Shi Jin, he could not help feeling happy that she could convince Fu Xiuyuan to tend to his wounds.

Fu Xiuyuan had been bleeding ever since he came back.

Song Fan and the butler both tried, but neither of them succeeded in making Fu Xiuyuan stop and tend to his wound.

Shi Jin recalled that this injury got infected in her past life and took a long time to recover.

This injury and his foul mood caused his health to deteriorate.

This time, she was not letting it happen.

Since he was so cooperative, Shi Jin rewarded him with a kiss on his forehead and said, “Thats more like it.”

Fu Xiuyuan suddenly raised his head with a light in his eyes.

Butler Chen was stunned.

Did she think she was coaxing a cat, dog or kid

Fu Xiuyuan shockingly did not stop her.

“Butler Chen, can you prepare dinner Ive famished after working all day,” said Shi Jin.

Was Shi Jin staying for dinner She never once ate with Fu Xiuyuan!

Butler Chen patted his face to check if he was dreaming before he left to prepare dinner.

Although Shi Jin was disfigured, if she could change her ways and make Fu Xiuyuan happy, she was doing good.

Fortunately, Fu Xiuyuan had hurt his left hand, so he had no problems eating.

Shi Jin placed food in his bowl as she watched him eat.

She finally realized that even though Fu Xiuyuan ate quickly, he looked elegant and was innately dignified.

A part of Chu Lings image was a product of mass production to fit the publics aesthetic preference, so he was only pretending to be elegant and could not compare to Fu Xiuyuans aura.

She felt that all the water she had drunk in her past life had caused swelling in her brain.

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