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Chapter 129: Please Look Out for Your Court Summons!

Yao Jiahongs heart palpitated nervously as he looked at Shi Jin from behind when she answered the phone.

He had so much to tell her, but did not know where to start.

He felt incredibly restless as he contemplated.


It was impossible for Chu Ling and Hu Lai to make the problem go away now that Xia Peifeng was suing them for plagiarism.

Even if Chu Ling had the backing of the company, the Chu and the Shi families, it was futile.

Xia Peifeng could let a lot of things slide, but not plagiarism.

Xia Peifeng had brought this up countless times.

He always felt paternal about his songs and treated them like they were his children.

How could Xia Peifeng sit back and allow someone to get away with abducting his children

Videos containing scenes of Xia Peifeng questioning Chu Ling for plagiarism were uploaded online.

Chu Lings fans were in disbelief.

They blamed the reporters and even Xia Peifeng for making this up.

[How could Chu Ling and Little Raindrop have copied Xia Peifengs work Chu Ling, please explain what happened.

We simply cant believe it!]

[No way I would believe that! Xia Peifeng is just trying to use Chu Ling for hype.]

[Chu Ling is the best.

How could he do this]


How could Xia Peifeng abuse his status and bully Chu Ling]

[I suggest that Xia Peifeng and the reporters apologize to Chu Ling immediately!]

[Xia Peifeng is just jealous about how well Chu Lings album was doing, so he made trouble.

Humph! People do this all the time!]

[I used to like Xia Peifeng quite a bit.

This time, he has thoroughly disappointed me!]

[From now on, I will boycott Xia Peifengs songs.]

Even non-fans felt Xia Peifeng must have sufficient evidence to charge Chu Ling with plagiarism since he dealt with it publicly.

However, Chu Lings fans simply felt he could do no wrong and kept defending him blindly.

Chu Lings fans even argued with Xia Peifengs fans on social media under Xia Peifengs announcement about charging Chu Ling for plagiarism.

Fortunately, Xia Peifeng was an upright man and rarely had transgressions.

Otherwise, Chu Lings fans would have ended up digging up Xia Peifengs scandals.

Xia Peifeng was so annoyed that he nearly exploded.

Xia Peifeng did not expect Chu Ling to be such a coward who would resort to hiding behind his fans.

In that case, Xia Peifeng certainly was not going to hold back.

Xia Peifengs lawyer sent an official post and tagged Chu Ling altogether: [Please look out for your court summons!]

Despite the fans initial disbelief, they finally realized the plagiarism was true.

Chu Ling had genuinely stolen Xia Peifengs work!

[The first time I heard the songs, I found their styles very familiar.

It turned out that they were Xia Peifengs songs.]

[How could Chu Ling and Little Raindrop plagiarize Xia Peifengs work]

[Xia Peifeng used to like Little Raindrop a lot and even defended her when people blamed her for Allures problematic products.]

[Uh huh.

Xia Peifeng clearly liked Little Raindrop and wanted to groom her.

However, Xia Peifeng met with betrayal and things ended up just like the tale of The Farmer and the Viper.]

[It is completely inconceivable for Chu Ling to be guilty of plagiarism! All my fantasies have been dashed!]

[I believe in Chu Lings innocence! He would never have done that!]

[Xia Peifeng must want the hype very badly.

He must be trying to use Chu Ling!]

Some of the fans had resigned themselves to Chu Lings fate, but some of the fans persisted in fighting back.

They refused to come to terms with the fact that their idol was capable of plagiarism.

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