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Chapter 128: Incredibly Guilty

Deng Yufei wanted to strangle Shi Jin by the neck to alleviate her anger.

Shi Jin had just played her, so Deng Yufei felt absolutely indignant about getting her reputation ruined!

Deng Yufei felt absolutely miserable!

She ran towards Shi Jin like an angry lioness and wanted to strangle Shi Jin with all her might.

However, before she was able to come close to Shi Jin, someone grabbed her wrist and pulled her back.

She snapped out of her daze and realized it was none other than Shi Jins talent agent, Yao Jiahong.

Yao Jiahongs hair was neatly combed and his eyes looked serious as usual.

In the past, his eyes were filled with nothing but admiration.

However, there was only repulsion and coldness in his eyes now.

Deng Yufei could not help trembling when she noticed it.

Yao Jiahong let go of Deng Yufeis hand and shoved her back.

Deng Yufei tottered before falling squarely on the ground.

“Leave,” said Yao Jiahong utterly coldly in an airy tone.

It sounded as though he was not talking to a human being, but a piece of trash.

Deng Yufei contemplated what she could do to get back at him before changing her mind.

Instead, she stood up indignantly and ran off.

Shi Jin did not speak the entire time.

Her eyes above her mask were bright and beautiful and her eyelashes were long and curvy.

Even though she was not wearing makeup, she did not need it.

She lowered her eyes slightly and started to pack the things in front of her.

Yao Jiahong had overheard Deng Yufei and Shi Jins conversation with his own ears.

He was overwhelmed with astonishment.

Deng Yufei had been using Shi Jins songs the entire time! The songs that he admired her for were Shi Jins creations.

It was inconceivable, but it was true.

“Shi Jin,” said Yao Jiahong somewhat hoarsely as he looked at her hesitantly.

“I overheard everything you said.”

“So what There is nothing for me to be ashamed of,” replied Shi Jin mildly.

Shi Jin felt there was nothing wrong with what she said.

However, she could not say the same for Deng Yufei.

“Deng Yufei copied five songs from Xia Peifeng.

How did she end up getting them from you” asked Yao Jiahong quizzically when he quickly noticed the connection.

It was hard for Shi Jin to answer his question.

After all, she had used memories of her past life to write down Xia Peifengs songs before giving them to Deng Yufei.

Shi Jin did not let Deng Yufei copy her own music.

She knew Deng Yufei all too well.

Deng Yufei was bound to use her work to ingratiate herself upon Chu Ling.

Shi Jin did not want to have anything to do with Chu Ling anymore.

Also, she did not want Fu Xiuyuan to have any insecurities.

Hence, she wrote down Xia Peifengs songs beforehand and slipped them among her manuscripts.

If Deng Yufei tried to do anything funny, she would be doomed.

Nothing would happen if Deng Yufei did not pass Shi Jins work off as her own.

As expected, nothing changed about Deng Yufei after Shi Jin was reborn.

Shi Jin went quiet.

Yao Jiahong felt he must have been such a great disappointment for Shi Jin that she could not be bothered explaining this to him.

The moment he thought about all the praise he lavished on Deng Yufei and how harsh he was on Shi Jin, Yao Jiahong felt terribly guilty about it.

He even told Shi Jin to learn a thing or two from Deng Yufei.

However, Deng Yufei had surprisingly stolen Shi Jins songs!

“Shi Jin…” said Yao Jiahong softly in an attempt to apologize to her.

Before Yao Jiahong could get to his point, Shi Jins phone happened to ring and she promptly answered it.

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