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Chapter 127: Made an Epic Mistake

Deng Yufei had nowhere to hide now that she was exposed.

Deng Yufei looked particularly shameless and repulsive to Shi Jin.

Deng Yufeis chest rose and fell as she inhaled deeply.

She opened her mouth wide, but was incapable of uttering a word!

Shi Jin had set her up! Shi Jin already laid a trap ages ago! She had stupidly fallen into Shi Jins trap!

After the lawyer said his piece, Xia Peifeng left without lingering a moment.

He paused when he went past Deng Yufei.

“Was it you” Even though Xia Peifeng asked quizzically, he was certain she was the culprit.

He barely had any contact with Chu Ling.

Instead, he liked Deng Yufei a lot and even brought her to his studio a few times.

She had ample time and plenty of opportunities to steal his music.

Deng Yufei refused to admit her mistakes.

“No, I didnt do it.

Mr Xia, I really didnt do it…”

She had stolen all these songs from Shi Jin!

This time, Xia Peifeng stopped looking at Deng Yufei.

Since he used to admire her work a lot, he was terribly disappointed now.

He simply hated her.

Xia Peifeng abhorred her for stealing his work and hated himself for being blind about Deng Yufei.

Someone suddenly caught his eye.

He glanced to the side and saw Shi Jin leaning against a bookshelf in the studio as she calmly looked straight in his direction.

Xia Peifeng suddenly felt as though he had made an epic mistake.

He looked at Shi Jin deeply before he left.

Deng Yufei wanted to run after Xia Peifeng, but he had already left under the company of his legal team and talent agent.

Hu Lai slapped Deng Yufei on the face so hard that she fell onto the ground.

Deng Yufei covered her swollen cheek and looked at Hu Lai indignantly.

Hu Lai was so furious that she slapped Deng Yufei once more, making both sides of her face equally swollen.

Chu Ling left right away with Hu Lai and Shi Xuexin following behind him swiftly.

“Ling, Lai, wait up!” shouted Deng Yufei as she cried.

She watched as they walked off with the reporters swarming towards them.

Deng Yufei ran towards Shi Jin and roared furiously, “Shi Jin, you set me up! You schemed and plotted to ruin me!”

“What are you saying I dont understand what you are saying,” said Shi Jin mildly as she looked at her at a loss.

“You did this to me! You deliberately hid Xia Peifengs new songs among your own creations and tempted me to steal them.

Now I have thoroughly embarrassed myself!” Deng Yufei was beside herself with fury when she realized Shi Jin was behind this.

“You already saw this coming!”

Shi Jin acknowledged softly before she continued, “Did you copy my manuscripts”

She acted as though she only just realized what Deng Yufei had done.

Deng Yufei was dumbfounded! Deng Yufei was so furious that she was on the verge of exploding, but Shi Jin talked about it so nonchalantly.

The calmer Shi Jin was, the more embarrassed Deng Yufei felt.

Shi Jin was lofty and untouchable while Deng Yufei was simply trash.

Deng Yufei got her just deserts for stealing Shi Jins manuscripts.

She should not have voluntarily given Chu Ling Shi Jins songs.

Shi Jin did not do anything to actually hurt her or sabotage her.

Shi Jin simply did what was right.

Deng Yufei had only herself to blame for being vain, greedy, and scheming.

Deng Yufei was filled with resentment from her failure and was unable to accept this outcome, so she ran towards Shi Jin.

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