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Chapter 126: What

Hu Lai and Chu Ling were both stunned to hear what Xia Peifeng said.

The commotion instantly died down and everyone went into silence.

Everyone looked at each other in surprise.

Instead of saying congratulations, what did Xia Peifeng just say

Hu Lai could detect a cold aura radiating from Xia Peifeng, so she smiled awkwardly as she asked, “Mr Xia, what is the meaning of this”

“My lawyers will let you know.” Xia Peifeng crushed the can of coke crisply leaving soda spraying all over Chu Ling.

Chu Ling was stunned.

He disregarded the soda on his clothes as he looked at the entourage of men dressed in black suits standing behind Xia Peifeng solemnly.

The entourage of people behind Xia Peifeng was none other than his legal team!

Chu Ling looked at Deng Yufei in disbelief.

Deng Yufei looked back at Chu Ling calmly.

Shi Jin had written those songs.

Since Shi Jin was not going to sue them, it was no use for Xia Peifeng to show up with his legal team.

She was certain Xia Peifeng must be here for something else!

The chief lawyer introduced himself and cut to the chase.

“Mr Chu and Miss Hu, the five songs you have used in your pre-release promotions in your album entitledSing were identical to the songs written by my client, Mr Xia.

Please cease all illegal distribution of your album, remove these songs from it and delete all the files you possess.

Also, you have to apologize and compensate for my clients losses!”

After the lawyer said his piece, Chu Ling was so shocked that he lost his cool and shouted, “What”

“You have plagiarized my clients work, so you have to cease all illegal distribution of the songs,” said the lawyer suddenly once more.

Everyone went into a ruckus when they heard this as all eyes gathered on Chu Ling.


“Oh god! How could that happen”

Everyone gossiped as they looked at Chu Ling before turning to look at Xia Peifeng.

Xia Peifeng was an acclaimed singer-songwriter at the top of the food chain in the entertainment industry with a long history of producing original work.

Chu Ling was an idol singer with a massive following and a lot of airtime.

It was clear who was the winner here.

Before Xia Peifeng even showed any evidence, everyone took his side.

After all, this was Xia Peifeng they were talking about here! Xia Peifeng was an unstoppable force in the songwriting trade!

“No wonder the songs sounded so good.

Chu Ling had plagiarized Xia Peifengs work!”

“I was wondering why there was such a huge change in style in Chu Lings latest album.”

“Xia Peifeng certainly lives up to his name.

These new songs are simply incredible.”

Chu Ling could hear every word the crowd was saying.

He was at a complete loss as his head buzzed incessantly.

Moments later, he finally realized what had just transpired.

“How could this happen” Chu Ling looked at Xia Peifeng as he spoke.

Xia Peifeng looked unusually distant and cold.

He had lost all his typical warmth.

He was a gifted singer-songwriter and hated plagiarism with all his heart.

Now that Chu Ling had blatantly copied his work, he could not be bothered to even keep up a courteous smile.

Chu Ling looked at Deng Yufei once more.

Deng Yufeis face was ghastly pale as she inhaled deeply and looked at Shi Jin completely stupefied.

What just happened How could this happen

She had copied those songs from Shi Jin when Shi Jin was not looking! Also, she deliberately stole the songs that Shi Jin was not planning to use in the short term.

How could they be Xia Peifengs songs

Shi Jin looked at Deng Yufei calmly in pity.

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