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Chapter 125: Bound to Steal the Headlines

“This is simply mind-blowing!”

Hu Lai smiled even more brightly when she heard everyone raving about the new album.

Chu Ling acted nonchalantly and looked even more mesmerizing.

Shi Xuexin looked at her fiancé tenderly and couldnt help feeling touched that he was her man.

Deng Yufei also clenched her fists tightly.

After the press conference ended, Deng Yufei would talk to Hu Lai and get Hu Lai to sign her as her artist.

She did not want to work for Mr Wang anymore.

In the past, she was not good enough for Hu Lai and Chu Ling, so they were not interested in her.

Instead, Xia Peifeng offered to take her under his wings.

However, she did not dare to work for Xia Peifeng.

Xia Peifeng was a renowned singer-songwriter, so he would probably learn the truth about her in just a matter of days.

Deng Yufei felt even more confident thinking about the manuscripts she had taken from Shi Jin.

She could definitely live off them and spend a few years working for Chu Ling easily.

She simply needed to compose two to three more songs every year to boost the count.

“Thank you for supporting Chu Ling.

Now lets invite Chu Ling to say a few words!” Hu Lai gestured for Chu Ling to speak.

Chu Ling got up on the stage and looked stunning as he said, “It is thanks to you that I was able to compose these new songs.

Your love inspired me to write them.”

All the fans screamed at the top of their lungs.

However, Chu Ling looked at Shi Xuexin every now and then.

Shi Xuexin gazed back at him lovingly.

For the sake of Chu Lings career, they could not go public with their relationship for now.

Instead of standing by his side, she could only appear at the event as a fan.

However, Shi Xuexin was beside herself with joy when she heard what he said.

These words were clearly intended just for her alone.

Since Chu Lings new songs were all ballads, the reporters automatically asked, “Chu Ling, do you have a girlfriend now”

“What is your type”

Chu Ling smiled as he looked below the stage and Shi Xuexin smiled shyly as well.

Just as Chu Ling was about to answer the reporters, someone shouted softly in surprise, “Xia Peifeng is here!”

“Oh my.

Xia Peifeng even came with an entourage of people to celebrate Chu Lings latest album release!”

“This really makes Chu Ling look good!”

“Even Xia Peifeng thinks highly of Chu Lings talent! This event is truly a gathering of gods today.”

“Wow! Does this mean we can expect a collaboration from Xia Peifeng and Chu Ling soon”

Shi Xuexin immediately turned to look at Xia Peifeng and felt incredibly proud of Chu Lings achievement.

Hu Lai was also caught by surprise.

She felt deeply honored by Xia Peifengs appearance and hurriedly greeted him, “Mr Xia, welcome to the press conference! We were not expecting you!”

Xia Peifeng was around the same age as Chu Ling.

He rarely appeared on any entertainment programs or used hype.

However, Xia Peifeng already had untouchable status in the trade.

Hence, Hu Lai automatically treated him with a great deal of respect.

“Mr Xia, please take a seat in the first row!” said Hu Lai as she smiled reverently.

Xia Peifengs appearance would undoubtedly make Chu Ling a legend.

“Thank you for supporting Chu Lings new album!”

Chu Ling did his utmost to stand up as he contained his joy.

In Chu Lings heart, Deng Yufeis value increased further when even Xia Peifeng thought highly of her songs.

Today, he was undoubtedly going to steal the headlines in every single news media outlet!

Hu Lai hurriedly took out a can of soda and gave it to Xia Peifeng.

Xia Peifeng did not take the soda.

Instead, he waved the can of Coca-Cola in his hand as he spoke mildly, “I didnt come today to congratulate you.”

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