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Chapter 123: Nothing to Do With Me

Deng Yufei sounded completely self-justified.

“Shi Jin, you painstakingly wrote all these songs for Chu Ling.

You like him, so you only want the best for him, right”

Shi Jin said nothing.

Deng Yufei thought Shi Jin must be making silent admission.

She secretly thought in her heart.

“Sure enough, she could not say no to Chu Ling.

As long as it had something to do with Chu Ling, she would not kick a fuss about it.”

“Shi Jin, Chu Lings status in the entertainment industry will get stabilized increasingly.

He already has high status as it is.

This is all thanks to you.

You single-handedly turned him into an extraordinary singer-songwriter,” said Deng Yufei resoundingly in an effort to move Shi Jin.

Shi Jin smiled in contempt.

She had put the call on speaker mode when she saw Fu Xiuyuan walking over.

Shi Jin did her utmost to make Fu Xiuyuan feel more secure.

Despite knowing these were sheer lies from Deng Yufei, Fu Xiuyuans calm expression inadvertently cracked.

Fu Xiuyuan was holding a glass of juice.

He held the glass tightly as he calmed himself.

Shi Jin stood up and walked over to Fu Xiuyuan barefooted before taking the juice from his hand.

Even though she was aloof to outsiders, she was very lively in front of Fu Xiuyuan.

She reached her hand out and pretended to take the glass from Fu Xiuyuans hand.

Her slender hand landed on the back of his hand as she moved it like she was playing the piano.

Fu Xiuyuan held his breath as all his anger disappeared.

Instead, he looked at Shi Jin completely mesmerized as he thought about her sweet scent.

Deng Yufei kept talking nonstop as Shi Jin held her phone, “Shi Jin, I was just trying to help you.

In time, when Chu Ling learns you have composed the songs, just think about the change in attitude he will have towards you.”

Shi Jin gazed at Fu Xiuyuan deeply and smiled as she said to Deng Yufei, “You are in deep trouble.”

“Shi Jin, if you dont say anything, no one would know better, right I will help you put in a good word with Chu Ling.

I am sure he will come back to you!” implored Deng Yufei.

Fu Xiuyuans expression turned cold once more.

Shi Jin could tell that the man was angry, so she smiled as she said, “What did I tell you I told you I only write songs for the man I love.

Those songs have nothing to do with Chu Ling.”

The moment she finished her sentence, the man in front of her was stunned and could not believe his ears.

He could not help smiling when he saw that she meant it in her eyes.

“Not a single note or lyric in the songs Chu Ling published in his album have anything to do with me.” Even though Shi Jin was talking to Deng Yufei, every word was intended for Fu Xiuyuans ears.

Fu Xiuyuan reached his hand out and held her hand along with her phone and hung it up abruptly.

Fu Xiuyuan pulled Shi Jin into his arms and kissed her on the lips, his bad mood melting away.

He allowed Shi Jin to gradually take his anger away.

The glass of juice fell onto the ground unknowingly.

Fortunately, there was a thick carpet on the ground, so they could not hear it at all as they hugged each other and kissed deeply.

Deng Yufei was ecstatic to hear what Shi Jin said.

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