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Chapter 122: Your Album Was Very Well-Received

Chu Lings fans were beside themselves with joy.

Chu Ling had not only affirmed his status in the industry with this album, he had also risen a level or two.

This meant Chu Ling would no longer be just a pretty face! From now on, Chu Ling would be a step closer to Xia Peifengs heights with such iconic work under his belt.

His fans were naturally happy for him!

Yao Jiahong quietly listened to Chu Lings new album and was very impressed by Deng Yufeis talent yet again.

He quietly typed on the computer as he made plans for Shi Jins career: [Shi Jin has to study hard after the competition.

I hope to help Shi Jin reach Deng Yufeis level of accomplishment in five years.]

Although five years was a long time, it was hardly enough time for an untalented songwriter to reach Deng Yufeis level.

Xia Peifeng sat dumbfounded in front of his computer as everyone kept talking about Chu Lings latest album, “Sing”.

Moments later, he turned his head murderously.

He looked at his talent agent questioningly in fury.

He squeezed the empty can of Sprite in his hand with a snap and flattened it.

His talent agent panicked and had already stood up to say, “What happened Why do the new songs in Chu Lings albums sound just like yours I will investigate it immediately! I will find out right away!”

Chu Lings latest songs, “Love”, “Lingering Affection”, “Clear Skies” and “Warm Sun in Winter” were all written by Xia Peifeng.

Even the titles were more or less identical.

Xia Peifeng had planned on using these songs in his next album.

Xia Peifeng had barely any competition at his level.

No matter what songs he released, they were well received.

Xia Peifeng did not need to worry about market share or creating hype.

He was able to work at his pace and released albums at his liberty.

This time, he planned on doing the same thing.

After watching Deng Yufeis performance on “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter”, he was very inspired, so he wrote five songs altogether.

He planned on cleaning them up before releasing them in a new album, but all his songs were now appearing in Chu Lings latest album.

Chu Lings fans were blown away by his work.

Chu Ling and Deng Yufeis songs were a major hit, but Xia Peifeng felt as though someone had ripped his heart to shreds.


“Your album was very well-received!” Hu Lai picked up a glass of red wine and held it towards Chu Ling and Deng Yufei.

“We have received over 500 000 copies in preorder for the album in just a single night!”

Deng Yufei felt proud of this achievement as well.

“Uh huh.

Other than your fans, a lot of music critics and non-fans have spoken highly of your album.”

Everyone forgot about Deng Yufeis Allure advertisement tonight.

Instead, people kept talking about her talent and had forgotten about the allergic reaction Allures products had caused.

Hu Lai smiled and said, “Yufei, here is a toast to you.”

Chu Ling raised his wine glass and looked at Deng Yufei as well.

After Deng Yufei finished a glass of wine, she saw her phone light up with Shi Jins name flashing on the screen.

She quickly answered the phone and went over to a quiet corner to talk.

“Hi, Shi Jin.”

“Did you help Chu Ling with the new album” asked Shi Jin calmly.

“Shi Jin, let me explain,” said Deng Yufei hurriedly.

“Have you heard Chu Lings new album already I can explain everything.”

Shi Jin sat down on the couch calmly with her phone in hand.

“Lets see what you have to say about this.”

“I know they were your songs, but its not like I gave it to some random guy.

I only gave them to Chu Ling.”

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