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Chapter 121: I Will Groom Her Personally

Countless fans waited in front of their computers to sample songs from Chu Lings latest album.

Xia Peifeng also sat in front of the computer and waited for its release.

Xia Peifeng was the best songwriter in the country, so he wrote most of his songs and lyrics.

It was unusual for him to sit in front of the computer waiting for someone elses album to get released like he did tonight.

Xia Peifengs talent agent teased him, “I heard Chu Lings latest album is very good, so it is just a matter of time before he catches up with you.

Are you starting to feel the pressure”

“I am happy to have competition.

Without competition, it is impossible to improve.” Xia Peifeng opened a bottle of Sprite and drank it.

“Thats true.

If Chu Lings attempt to compete with you can serve to inspire you, its a good deal for fans like me!” The talent agent sat cross-legged as he waited for Chu Lings album to drop.

Xia Peifeng felt a little anxious.

He had remained the best singer-songwriter in the country for a long time.

“Ultimate Singer-Songwriter” was created to discover budding artists.

After he performed on the program, he felt there was barely any decent talent on the show.

Wen Yongwei was pretty good, but the rest of the contestants were average.

Only Deng Yufeis work impressed him.

All her work was astonishingly good and made him want to keep listening to them.

After hearing her music, Xia Peifeng felt as though he had encountered a soul mate.

It felt as though her music could touch his soul and genuinely resonated with him.

He heard that Deng Yufei also wrote Shi Jins songs.

Hence, he thought highly of Deng Yufei and felt Shi Jin was just a liar.


It was a pure insult to let the likes of Shi Jin perform Deng Yufeis songs.

He was not keen on checking out Chu Lings songs tonight.

Instead, he only wanted to listen to Deng Yufeis song.

He was unimpressed by Chu Lings songs.

He only wanted to check out Deng Yufeis latest work.

His talent agent could see what Xia Peifeng was thinking.

Xia Peifeng kept talking about Deng Yufei recently.

“Peifeng, do you want me to sign Deng Yufei I can groom her personally.”

“Never mind.” Xia Peifeng suddenly lost interest.

Deng Yufei had already turned down his offer.

Since Chu Ling was her cousin, it was only natural for her to refuse him.

“Chu Ling just released his new singles.

The first song was composed by Deng Yufei!” said the talent agent excitedly.

Everyone was thrilled online.

Chu Ling was already a hit.

His fame and his performance on “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter” only served to affirm his status in the industry.

Since Chu Ling was a renowned singer, everyone could not wait for the release of his new album.

Also, Deng Yufei was even involved in one of the songs.

His album was entitled, “Sing”.

He was marketed as a singer-songwriter as usual.

The first song that got released was “Time” by Deng Yufei.

He was gorgeous and had an unsullied voice.

His fans were blown away by the song.

[It was great! Absolutely great!]

[He was awesome! I love it!]

[Oh my god! This song is so good that I cant stop listening to it! I feel like crying just listening to it!]

[Chu Ling, you rock!]

[Little Raindrop did such an excellent job that I am officially a fan.]

Chu Ling released samples of his four other songs, “Love”, “Lingering Affection”, “Clear Skies” and “Warm Sun in Winter” with great success.

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