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Chapter 120: I Wrote It

“Just a couple more songs for you.” Even though Yao Jiahong knew this was cheating, it did not make a difference since Shi Jin had already cheated in the past by buying her other songs.

He could only do his best to help cover up Shi Jins lies.

He contemplated before he said, “After the show is over, I will talk to Mr Fu and send you for professional music training.

You have good vocals and a perfect pitch.

In time, you will become an accomplished singer.

As for your songwriting skills, you can always learn and master it in time.”

He was very sincere about what he said.

Ever since Allure had problems with its products, his opinion of Shi Jin changed once more.

He was determined to help Shi Jin and groom her so that everyone could see her true talent.

In that case, the first thing he had to work on was to stop her from buying any more songs from unreliable sources.

Shi Jin could see how sincere Yao Jiahong was, but she did not say anything.

Yao Jiahong thought about Chu Lings singing.

He was very lucky to encounter a composer like Deng Yufei.

For a singer, it was a good fortune to have good songs.

Xia Peifeng was a songwriting genius.

His innate talent was one in a million and one of a kind in the trade.

Chu Ling was capable of writing a song or two.

Also, he had encountered a brilliant songwriter.

He was already living the dream of other singers.

“Jiahong, why dont you take a look at what I wrote first” After taking care of the garden, Shi Jin washed her hands and handed her song to Yao Jiahong.

Yao Jiahong was astounded by her work.

How could this song be even more brilliant than the latest song he heard from Deng Yufei

He automatically asked, “Have you already asked Deng Yufei to help you”

Otherwise, it was impossible for her to come up with such a good song.

Shi Jin saw how impressed he was and said, “I wrote it.”

“Its good.” Yao Jiahongs voice turned cold.

He clearly did not believe her.

Vanity and dishonesty could destroy an artist.

He did not reprimand Shi Jin right away.

From the looks of it, he had to have a good talk with Shi Jin about her development.

Shi Jin did not expect him to believe her.

She only had herself to blame.

In the past, she wanted to terminate her contract with Supreme Entertainment, so she claimed Fu Xiuyuan spent money to buy songs for her.

She deserved this distrust from Yao Jiahong.

Her previous lies had destroyed her reputation, so she had to fix it step by step.


Lets use this for now.

We can talk about professional music classes in the future,” said Yao Jiahong.

He turned to leave and listened to Chu Lings new song.

Chu Lings new album was going to get released tonight.

All the marketing had been done.

He was going to release five samples of his new songs.

Among them, four of them were his original work and one of them was Deng Yufeis song.

His fans kept flattering him online.

[Chu Ling is the best! He is a multi-talented singer-songwriter.

They picked the right person to be an instructor on the show!]

[Other than Xia Peifeng, who else can compare to Chu Ling in the country]

[Are you joking No one is as gifted as Chu Ling in the world!]

[He is dripping in talent and gorgeous!]

[Little Raindrop also performed well.

“Ultimate Singer-Songwriter” was blind to drop such a good singer-songwriter!]

[Little Raindrops career will only continue to blossom no matter where she goes since she is a true talent!]

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