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Chapter 119: Had to Make a Comeback

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“The album will be released tomorrow.

We will start marketing it tonight.”

Deng Yufei nodded.

She really looked forward to it.

“I see.

Please be sure to help promote me.”

She was talking about her song with her name on it in his album.

Now that Allures advertising deal was in hot water, Deng Yufei had to use Chu Lings album to make a comeback.

Deng Yufei contemplated as she clenched her fists tightly! She must succeed in making a comeback!

Chu Ling agreed right away.

He would help Deng Yufei now so that she would continue helping him to write more songs long-term.

Despite all the things happening to Deng Yufei, Shi Jin paid no attention.

She was in the garden tending to the flowers when Yao Jiahong came over.

She was wearing a white shirt, slim-fit jeans, and a pair of rain shoes with her long hair scattered behind her.

It was afternoon, so the sun shone brightly over her.

Her sharp chin could be seen from under her hair.

She was even more radiant than the sun and looked absolutely gorgeous.

Yao Jiahong went into a daze looking at her.

He could finally see why Fu Xiuyuan loved her so much.

Allures allergy problem was still unfolding and Deng Yufeis career was badly hurt.

If Shi Jin had taken on Allures endorsement deal, Yao Jiahong was not so sure if he could save her from the scandal unscathed.

Yao Jiahong could not help feeling curious about this young woman.

“Hi, Jiahong.” Shi Jin sensed his presence, so she stood up to greet him.

The scar on her chin and lip was still very obvious and stood out on her perfect complexion.

Yao Jiahong disregarded the scar and looked at her carefully.

He found that her face and features were genuinely beautiful.

Yao Jiahong cleared his throat.

“Now that this round is over, three more contestants will get eliminated from the remaining six.

Have you finished writing your song”

He sounded a little hesitant when he asked.

He recalled Shi Jin saying Fu Xiuyuan bought songs for her.

Despite Shi Jins brilliant performance, he did not take her seriously.

“Almost done,” replied Shi Jin.

“Mind if I take a look” asked Yao Jiahong.

He had unknowingly started to place close attention to Shi Jins performance on the program.

“In a minute.

I am in the middle of something.”

Shi Jin was taking care of the garden and her hands were full of dirt.

Yao Jiahong had something to ask Shi Jin, but he did not know how to start.

He contemplated before saying, “Shi Jin, I heard the song that Deng Yufei wrote for Chu Ling calledTime.

I must say it is very good.”

Shi Jin raised her eyes to glance at him and smiled.


“Can I ask if any of the songs you performed on the program were written by Deng Yufei as well” asked Yao Jiahong.

He was aware that Shi Jin and Deng Yufei were close friends.

Deng Yufei also did a lot to help Shi Jin chase Chu Ling in the past.

Shi Jin smiled and made no comment.

Yao Jiahong continued, “I was thinking of getting Deng Yufei to write you a song.”

Since he had made up his mind to groom Shi Jin, he could not let Shi Jin botch her performance on the show.

He had to vet all her songs and activities from now on.

This time, he had used his connections to get to listen to Chu Lings new song that was written by Deng Yufei prior to its release.

He really liked what he heard.

Also, he liked Deng Yufeis previous songs a lot as well.

“Do you want her to write a song for me” asked Shi Jin ambiguously as she looked at him.

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