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Chapter 118: A Piece of Trash

[Explain yourself, Little Raindrop!]

[She should change her nickname from Little Raindrop to Zit Monster!]

[What do you mean she symbolizes good luck Do you really want to have the worst case of boils on your face]

Deng Yufei was so terrified when she saw this that She turned off social media and called Mr Zhous assistant.

Mr Zhou was unable to even save himself and his secretary was busy dealing with the problem.

How could he have the time to entertain Deng Yufei

Allure was already seized by the government for investigation.

Allure was unable to even protect its own reputation.

How could anyone be bothered with saving Deng Yufeis skin at a time like this

Mr Zhou was terribly worried when the authorities came to seize the company.

Only Zhou Tang stepped up to deal with the problem by posting online: [In response to the problematic Allure products, allow me to update you about the situation.

We have already started to recall some of the products with problems a few days ago.

Also, we have changed the formula for the products in question.

We will get in touch with the victims to handle the situation.]

Thanks to Zhou Tangs efforts to solve the problem and his decision to recall the product, Allure was able to save its core operation and was not completely seized.

Zhou Tang quickly handled the problem by comforting the victims and their family members and did his utmost to save the companys reputation.

As for Deng Yufei, she was having a really hard time.

Mr Zhou couldnt be bothered helping Deng Yufei.

And Zhou Tang was unacquainted with Deng Yufei, so he did not offer to help.

Since Deng Yufei was already trending online after using Shi Jin, she was the first person who came to the publics mind when this happened.

The moment something went wrong with Allures products, the netizens promptly pushed the blame on Deng Yufei.

No one knew how Allure was planning to solve the problem.

They simply wanted someone to give them an explanation, so Deng Yufei promptly became their target.

[Pay up!]

[You have to compensate us!]

[Only a piece of trash would endorse a trashy product!]

[You are a liar!]

[How could you claim to bring good luck Humph.

You are more like a magnet for misfortune!]

[I cant believe you had the cheek to say bad things about Little Stone.

From the looks of it, Little Stone was simply speaking the truth!]

[Little Stone was genuinely good to her fans!]

People kept scolding Deng Yufei on social media.

Even Mr Wang from Golden Domain Entertainment did not know what to do about Deng Yufeis situation.

This time, Deng Yufei was standing at the center of attention when this incident happened, so she suffered a fall from a great height.

Several brands wanted to get in touch with her about brand ambassador deals when news about her good luck trended online.

However, the moment they saw this, they quietly changed their minds.

Xia Peifeng stepped up and defended Deng Yufei and urged the netizens not to abuse her online.

He reminded them the products belonged to Allure and it was not Deng Yufeis fault that they were suffering from allergies.

Xia Peifeng was well-liked throughout the country, so the public did not attack Deng Yufei as severely.

“From now on, before you choose your ambassador deals, you need to check more carefully,” comforted Xia Peifeng over the phone.

Deng Yufei finally felt slightly better.

She had stolen Allures brand ambassadorship from Shi Jin, but she did not expect it to give her so much trouble.

All the popularity she had painstakingly built instantly disappeared.

Deng Yufei could not wrap her mind around it.

Why did things come so easy for Shi Jin

Why was it so hard for Deng Yufei to get what she wanted

Chu Ling personally called Deng Yufei as well.

“I will help minimize the damage.

Dont worry about it.

My album will be released soon.”

“When are you releasing your album” Deng Yufei held her phone tightly.

Now that Allures brand ambassador deal was in hot water, she pinned all hope on Chu Lings newest album.

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