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Chapter 117: To Hell With the Stupid Entertainment Program

“Do as I say.” Even though Zhou Tang had a scholarly air, he meant what he said and sounded confident.

Now that he had made such a huge commotion, someone naturally reported it to Mr Zhou.

The company was in chaos when Mr Zhou came over.

He said sternly, “Zhou Tang, are you nuts Dont you know how well the product is selling after Little Raindrop became our brand ambassador We can probably go global and get listed if this keeps up! Tomorrow, I will sign a five year ambassador deal with Little Raindrop! What on earth are you trying to do now”

Mr Zhou felt Little Raindrop was their lucky star.

At a crucial time like this, he could not let anyone ruin his grand plans, let alone Zhou Tang!

“Drag Zhou Tang out!” Mr Zhou never liked his cousin and now was the perfect opportunity for him to drive him away.

In an instant, a fight broke out.


Deng Yufei finally felt a little better when she received a call from Mr Zhous secretary informing her about the five year brand ambassador deal.

From the looks of it, she was genuinely lucky.

If she marketed the good luck she had with commercial products, a lot of people would come knocking on her door offering ambassador deals.

In hindsight, it did not matter if she stayed on the entertainment program anymore.

With fame and money, she had plenty of opportunities to see Fu Xiuyuan.

All roads lead to Rome.

Deng Yufei suddenly felt her career was finally looking up.

[Little Raindrop brings good luck.]

[Allure makes record sales.]

Before long, Hu Lai helped to make posts about Deng Yufeis good luck trend online.

Deng Yufeis fans were delighted.

[I just knew Little Raindrop is the best!]

[To hell with the stupid entertainment program.

It is far better for Little Raindrop to clinch ambassador deals!]

[If you repost news about Little Raindrop, you will come in first for your exam tomorrow!]

[Haha! I will repost it too.

I hope to rub off Little Raindrops good luck and find a new job tomorrow!]

In an instant, Deng Yufei stole the limelight.

However, news about problems with Allures products gradually emerged online.

First, a female student used Allures skincare products and had a lot of pustules on her face.

It was so serious that her face swelled until she was unrecognizable, so she filed a complaint on social media.

An office worker used Allures skincare and suffered from the same allergic reaction.

She also filed a complaint about the product on social media.

Allure quickly spent money to remove the posts.

As the number of complaints and doubts about Allures products increased, the company was no longer able to silence the posts.

The situation finally spun out of control when a pregnant lady used some Allure products that claimed to be safe for use by pregnant women and infants.

The pregnant lady nearly suffered a miscarriage from the allergic reaction and had to get hospitalized.

The pregnant ladys family was furious and demanded an explanation from Allure.

The other victims whose posts got deleted on social media gathered outside the company demanding it to be held accountable as well.

News about their doubts and threats to charge Allure went viral all over the internet.

Deng Yufei was in a good mood when she learned of Allures five year deal offer, so she took a few nice photos and posted them on social media.

However, she did not receive the praise she expected.

Instead, everyone kept cursing her.

[How could you have the cheek to post selfies online Dont you know what your product did How could you post selfies at a time like this]

[I never suffered skin allergies in my life.

I bought the product after seeing your advertisement.

After only using it for one night, my face is ruined!]

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