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Chapter 116: A Smart Move

Little Raindrop did not win on the program, but she ended up trending online.

Deng Yufeis online news trailed only slightly behind Wen Yongweis.

Yao Jiahong wanted to help Shi Jin retaliate, but he pondered and decided against it since he liked Deng Yufei a lot.

In any case, it was a legitimate win for Shi Jin and Deng Yufei was simply trying to gain hype.

That night, Deng Yufeis advertisement for Allure got aired and promptly trended online.

Since her fans felt sorry for Deng Yufeis loss on the entertainment program, they kept buying the product to support her.

The product sales were off to a good start.

Her fans kept dissing Shi Jin as they bought the products.

[Fortunately, Little Stone did not become the brand ambassador.

Otherwise, the sales would end up terrible!]

[I think so too.

If Little Raindrop was the brand ambassador, I would pay attention to it.

If Little Stone was the brand ambassador, I wouldnt have bothered.]

[Allures owner sure picked the right person for the job!]

Mr Zhou felt it was smart of him to pick Little Raindrop for the advertisement when he received reports of the sales figures.

Even though she did not win, the effects of marketing turned out well.

“Im so glad we didnt pick Little Stone for the job,” said Mr Zhou confidently as he smiled happily.

“How could she claim there was something wrong with the formula Does she think she is some expert”

Only Zhou Tang continued trying to fix the problem.

He reached out to the company technicians and asked them to change something in the ingredient list.

“Mr Tang, you cant change the formula randomly.

We spent years coming up with this formula.

How could you change it willfully” A 60 year old technician shook his head and refused to make the change.

“Nothing ever went wrong with the product.

What makes you think something would happen now”

“You must do as I say and change it! The current formula has a high chance of causing allergies,” said Zhou Tang loudly.

Ever since he received Shi Jins message about the formula, he kept thinking about it.

However, he did not come to this decision on a whim.

He only decided on changing the formula after doing a lot of research and testing.

Now that he had confirmed there was something wrong with the formula, he had to change it and recall everything!

The old technician said angrily, “What would you know We are professionals here! What would you know about allergies”

“I have already tested the product!” Zhou Tang insisted on changing the formula.

The old technician thought about how Zhou Tang happened to receive some information and started to have doubts about the formula and could not help saying, “Young Master Tang, you are simply naive.

You dont even know who told you about it, yet you trusted an outsider fully and not us.

Let me tell you, there is no way on earth we will change the formula!”

“If you dont change the formula, then you can pack up and leave!” Zhou Tang did not have time to argue.

He could not allow the company to sell such substandard products.

He could not let their customers encounter allergic reactions from using the companys skincare products.

“Fine!” The old technician waved his hand angrily.

A lot of other employees also felt Zhou Tang was too green to interfere with their job and no longer wanted to work for him.

Zhou Tang turned to say to the secretary, “Since they want to quit, take good care of them.

Recall all the products we have sold immediately!

The secretary spoke with his voice quavering, “Young Master Tang, the product is selling well now that Little Raindrop has become the brand ambassador.

If we change the formula and recall all the products, it will be a major loss!”

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