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Chapter 114: Are You Satisfied

Shen Qi and Deng Yufei felt guilty, so they decided to go one by one.

Shen Qi left first.

Deng Yufei stayed behind and said to Kang Chen, “I cant believe my votes are that low.

When I was called back to the show, I received a lot of votes as well.”

Although Chu Ling was the one who helped her get back on the program, she managed to gain immense popularity by creating hype on social media and had a lot of fans.

Chu Lings fans loved her.

Xia Peifengs fans liked her as well.

Deng Yufei had made the best of all the advantages she possessed.

“Here are your votes.

We have used a program to eliminate unauthorized votes.” Kang Cheng spoke candidly as he placed the results in front of her.

Deng Yufei opened her eyes wide as she looked at the results.

If the unauthorized votes were included, she would come in second.

After deducting the unauthorized votes, she came in fifth.

It was completely different from the ranking that was just announced.

Her eyes turned teary as she said to Kang Chen, “My fans might have cast unauthorized votes for me, but I should have come in fifth after deducting those votes! Why did I end up eliminated”

Kang Cheng glanced at Sheng Shuangnan who stayed quiet before he eventually said, “Are you sure your fans did it behind your back”

“Of course.” Deng Yufei felt it was impossible for them to learn the truth about her actions, so she spoke with confidence and indignance.

She simply had to deny any voting fraud on her part.

It was impossible for them to find the culprit.

Kang Cheng felt stunned by her tone.

She sounded as though she genuinely had no part in committing voting fraud.

Kang Cheng realized he was wrong about Deng Yufei all this time.

Since Kang Cheng said nothing, Deng Yufei felt even more confident about getting away with it.

“Arent you going to say something about this I shouldnt get eliminated at all.

By doing this, you are ruining my career!”

She took control of the situation and sounded persistent.

Sheng Shuangnan suddenly raised his head.

Deng Yufei automatically trembled when she looked into his eyes.

He spoke with his beautiful voice and perfect pronunciation, “Miss Deng, voting fraud has negative effects on all the contestants, so the production team is determined not to let this happen.

Voting fraud committed for the sake of winning and gaining resources is deemed criminal.

We have already reported this to the police and will work to eradicate all manner of cheating and capture the voting fraud vendors once and for all.

I hope you find this outcome satisfactory.”

Deng Yufei automatically swallowed her saliva nervously after listening to Sheng Shuangnans powerful voice.

She was terrified.

She could sense that the man meant it.

Sheng Shuangnan was not going to check the numbers casually.

He was genuinely going to investigate the matter with a fine-tooth comb.

What if they learned the truth She did not dare to imagine what would happen if they did.

“Yes, Im happy with the outcome.

I wont contest the votes.” Deng Yufei lost all confidence.

She did not expect Sheng Shuangnan to offer to investigate the matter.

She wanted to blame someone else for the voting fraud, but she had paid the voting fraud vendors with her personal bank account.

If any investigation was done, it was impossible for her to deny it.

Shortly after Deng Yufei left, Shen Qi walked in with her head held high.

However, she left the room dejectedly and seemed pale.

Their faces contorted in regret.

If they did not commit voting fraud, they would have gotten promoted based on their existing voting results.

They would have caught Sheng Shuangnans eye and gotten groomed by him.

The two of them deeply regretted their actions.

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