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Chapter 113: Incredibly Shaken About the Loss

That way, Deng Yufei, and Shen Qi could be saved.

Sheng Shuangnan finally broke his silence and said with flawless pronunciation, “They have committed voter fraud.

How could you support them after they behaved dishonestly”

Kang Cheng and Deng Yongjian promptly stopped talking.


After the last contestant finished performing, the voting results appeared in front of everyone.

Shen Qi and Deng Yufeis performance tonight was almost flawless.

They also performed far better than their usual standards.

Even their eyes were brimming with confidence from behind their masks.

The voting results were announced one after another.

As expected, Wen Yongwei came in first.

This was followed by Meng Shaoheng aka Little Dream, Shi Jin aka Little Stone, Gu Qinghua aka Little Peanut, Hua Xin aka Little Gold Bar, and Situ Hao aka Little Lion

Deng Yufei and Shen Qi came in last and were eliminated.

They unexpectedly came in 11th and 12th.

It was a completely unforeseen outcome!

The fans were particularly shocked by the voting results.

How could Little Raindrop and Little Flag have such poor results

The two of them clearly did not foresee this outcome either.

Before the competition started, they even called to check with their voting fraud vendors.

They replied confidently, “This is nothing.

We even committed voting fraud for a major international competition.

We did work for the contestants who came in top three.

It is impossible for the organizers to identify our work for such a small number of votes.

They will look completely authentic making it impossible to detect fraud.”

Then again, it was not entirely surprising for people to get caught for illegal activities.

However, the cost of nabbing the culprit was simply too high.

Entertainment programs did not have the kind of budget to hire IT professionals and ensure every single vote was legitimate.

Since “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter” was just a singing competition, it was impossible for them to take it that far.

They started out extremely confident about the outcome but ended up failing.

They were out of luck and simply happened to encounter someone who went all out to prevent cheating.

Shen Qi and Deng Yufei walked down the stage dejectedly and bumped into Shi Jin and Gu Qinghua chatting happily.

The moment they made eye contact, the scent of gunpowder wafted in the air.

Shi Jin said first, “Lets go.”

Since Gu Qinghua did everything Shi Jin said, she followed behind Shi Jin without hesitation.

Deng Yufei clenched her fists tightly with her face contorted.

She had finally made it back onto the program.

How could she lose

The two of them decided to go backstage and look for Kang Cheng.

“We want the voting results checked.” Deng Yufei had just put on the best performance of her life.

Allures advertisement deal and Chu Lings help gave her immense confidence.

As the saying went, popularity gave artists even more confidence and made them stand out from the crowd everywhere they went.

She had given her best performance to date and even paid someone to cast fraudulent votes to be safe.

How could she have come in last

Shen Qi felt the same way as well.

Hence, the two of them insisted on an explanation.

Kang Cheng was talking to Sheng Shuangnan when they went over.

Sheng Shuangnan was dressed in a suit and looked stunning as he smiled ambiguously at them.

He was particularly mesmerizing.

Shen Qi and Deng Yufei were surprised to see him.

He must be the mysterious investor everyone was talking about.

They could not help feeling upset about getting eliminated and losing the opportunity to work with a powerful man like him.

“Do you want to check your votes one by one or together” asked Kang Cheng pensively.

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