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Chapter 112: More Scandal Than Talent

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“Erm… She has more scandals than talent,” said Kang Cheng candidly.

“In the earlier episodes, she wanted to use Chu Lings popularity.

She never stopped making trouble and even offended Xia Peifeng.”

He genuinely wanted to say something nice about Shi Jin.

However, after some thought, he was unable to do it and decided to speak candidly about her.

He did not want Sheng Shuangnan to end up disappointed when he learned the truth.

Sheng Shuangnan veered his eyes without making any comment.

Kang Cheng noticed Sheng Shuangnans nonreaction and felt the Sheng family must hate people like Shi Jin who used hype to win.

He felt that even though Shi Jin had a lot of votes, it was impossible for the Sheng family to groom her.

She only had herself to blame for repeatedly offending people on the show.

Chu Ling did not like her and he was not alone.

She even managed to offend a huge star like Xia Peifeng.

Kang Cheng did not know how she managed to do this repeatedly.

The show had commenced on stage.

Wen Yongweis performance was flawless.

Sure enough, Sheng Shuangnans eyes lit up as he nodded his head.

Before long, it was Deng Yufeis turn to sing.

Although Deng Yufeis vocals were not as good, her song was excellent.

Sheng Shuangnans eyes softened a little as he listened to her sing.

For the rest of the show, Sheng Shuangnan did not react.

Kang Cheng was unsure how Sheng Shuangnan felt about the contestants.

Towards the end of the program, Deng Yongjian came to report the voting situation to Sheng Shuangnan.

Using Shi Jins program, all the votes that were made using virtual computers or devices were listed by the side.

The authentic votes were listed in another column.

All the questionable votes could be identified easily.

Although questionable votes existed for every contestant, they came in very small numbers and ranged in the hundreds, so their fans were probably behind them.

Only Deng Yufei and Shen Qis votes contained major discrepancies.

The numbers were so huge that it made them come in second and third respectively.

“Mr Shen, please have a look at the votes…” said Deng Yongjian softly.

“I wonder if Little Stones program is any good.” Kang Cheng really liked Deng Yufei and Shen Qi, so he felt bad about doing this to them.

He quickly raised doubts about the program when he saw the numbers.

Deng Yongjian felt the same way about their results.

He harbored doubts about the program itself.

“I tested the program before,” said Sheng Shuangnan.

He was particularly calm and confident as he cleared their doubts.

Sheng Shuangnan was not from the entertainment industry and was only here on behalf of his grandfather.

Instead, he was in the IT trade.

If there was anything wrong with the program, it would not escape his eyes.

Kang Cheng even felt Shi Jin might have deliberately committed voter fraud on her fellow contestants so that she could smear them for it later.

After all, Shi Jin was the one who brought up voter fraud, so it was natural for him to suspect her.

However, he thought about how respectable Sheng Shuangnan was in the IT world and decided to hold his tongue.

If Shi Jin wanted to commit voter fraud, Sheng Shuangnan would definitely be able to catch her.

Deng Yongjian said, “Little Flag and Little Raindrop are very good singer-songwriters.

Even after removing these unauthorized votes, they would still come in fifth and sixth.”

Their results happened to just make the cut-off to not get eliminated.

They must have tried shortcuts due to the immense pressure they were under.

In reality, they were very good.

After all, they had managed to stay on the program for so long.

Kang Cheng defended them as well, “In that case, just deduct the unauthorized votes to make it fairer.”

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