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Chapter 111: The Higher the Contestants Rank, the Better the Resources

If Deng Yongjian did not come to her, she would have gone to the investor about the voter fraud problem.

After Deng Yongjian took the program from Shi Jin, he looked a little awkward as he whispered, “Erm… Thanks, Little Stone.”

He hurriedly left.

Shen Qi and Deng Yufei turned to look.

Everyone knew that the biggest investor of the program was here, but they did not know the reason for his visit.

Someone said softly, “I heard he wants to invest more in the program.

All the contestants that he likes will get promoted heavily!”

“I also heard about it.

He promised to provide a lot of resources for the top six contestants.

They will get to cut albums, go for professional courses and receive a lot of money.

The higher the contestants rank, the better the resources! Also, he promised funds to release at least five albums for the contestants who come in top three!”

Everyone looked envious.

A lot of reality television programs simply gave their contestants a hard time for the sake of publicity.

A lot of contestants ended up losing their jobs the moment they entered the entertainment industry.

They were often left with no resources and barely enough income to survive.

Some contestants even had to fork out money for their outfits.

Entertainment programs often discouraged people from poor families from joining the shows or the industry.

All the so-called glory they received on the programs was fleeting and would disappear after the shows were over.

Everyone was particularly enticed by the resources “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter” could offer.

So it was no surprise the contestants would go all out just to stay on it.

Shen Qi and Deng Yufei lowered their heads as they contemplated.

Shen Qi always came in third or fourth, but ever since Gu Qinghua and Shi Jin started to perform better, her results were not as good.

She was under immense pressure.

She used to be the most popular contestant after Wen Yongwei and Deng Yufei, but she was rapidly losing popularity.

Deng Yufei was under even more pressure than her.

She was already eliminated from the program once.

This time, she would get eliminated if she did not do well.

The two of them happened to come up with the same idea before they suppressed the thought.

They did not dare to show what they were thinking and let other people know about their idea.


For the next stage of the program, six contestants would get eliminated out of the last 12.

The audience waited for the episode to commence with great anticipation.

All the contestants did their utmost to prepare.

Even Gu Qinghua, who was typically shy about performing, felt driven.

Everyone felt excited when they learned that Sheng Shuangnan was present.

Sheng Shuangnan sat beneath the stage.

He recalled taking the program from Shi Jin and automatically looked at the silhouette standing in the corner.

Even though she was standing there casually with her head lowered thinking about something, she automatically stood out.

Sheng Shuangnan had already seen her name repeatedly on social media.

The public kept gossiping about her nonstop.

Even though she had a massive following, she had just as many anti-fans.

Sheng Shuangnan was particularly intrigued by her after she produced a program to curb voter fraud.

Kang Cheng sat beside Sheng Shuangnan as he said, “Mr Shen, Wen Yongwei, also known as Little Rose, has always been a good songwriter.

Also, her vocals are great, so she always comes out on top.

Do keep an eye out on her performance.”

“Deng Yufei, also known as Little Raindrop, is also multi-talented.

Her recent advertisement was also a hit.”

Kang Cheng was doing his best to make up for the voter fraud problem as he introduced the best contestants to Sheng Shuangnan.

“What about Little Stone” asked Sheng Shuangnan casually.

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