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Chapter 110: Give Me the Program

Sheng Shuangnan halted in his steps suddenly and Deng Yongjian almost walked into him.

He turned to look at them with a fire in his eyes.

“I found out myself.”

Not much voting fraud happened in the previous episodes.

Even if the talent agencies bought votes, it came only in the thousands.

However, the mere existence of such situations meant the program was unfair.

Sometimes, all the contestants needed was one more vote to make a worlds difference, so Sheng Shuangnan decided to bring this up to the chief director.

He could let go of the voting fraud in the previous episodes, but he had to ensure fairness for the rest of the episodes.

Sheng Shuangnans eyes landed on Deng Yongjian and Kang Cheng.

“What did Grandpa say when he invested in the program He said the entertainment industry keeps supporting bad music and is all about looks these days.

This has caused songwriters to have trouble surviving.

Eventually, there wont be a single decent singer or songwriter in the country! That is the reason we keep losing international awards like the Grammys! Despite how big our country is, people only listen to foreign musicians or catchy tracks.

People even despise local music.”

The moment Sheng Shuangnan finished his sentence, Kang Cheng and Deng Yongjian felt immense pressure.

They wanted promising musicians to join the program as well, but it was not easy to find one.

Sheng Shuangnan raised his chin slightly and looked at them.

“What did you promise my grandfather when you took our money”

Kang Cheng and Deng Yongjian could not help blushing when they recalled the heroic things they said about swearing to promote a gifted musician who was capable of making a name internationally.

Deng Yongjian could not stand the intense pressure and quickly said, “Even though there are problems with the show, we found a lot of gifted musicians.

Wen Yongwei is a gifted singer-songwriter.

Deng Yufei is also an excellent composer.”

Sheng Shuangnan finally eased up a little.

He had heard about these people as well.

He had high hopes for them.

The same went for the people in his grandfathers generation.

They had high hopes for Country S music scene as well.

“In that case, you must do your job in order to ensure they have the opportunity to win, right” asked Sheng Shuangnan rhetorically.

Deng Yongjian sweated even more profusely.

“Mr Shen, since voting fraud is a technical problem, we have a lot of trouble dealing with it.”

If it could genuinely be stopped easily, it would never have happened in the first place.

“I heard you talking about Shi Jin.

Who is she” asked Sheng Shuangnan.

“She is one of the contestants.

Her nickname is Little Stone.

She claimed there was voting fraud and told me to beware.

She even gave me a program and said it could help eradicate the problem,” explained Deng Yongjian candidly.

“Then give me the program,” said Sheng Shuangnan with resolution before turning to leave.

Deng Yongjian was stunned.

She was just a small-time singer.

Would her program work


Shi Jin was practicing singing with Gu Qinghua when Deng Yongjian came to look for her.

When Shi Jin heard he was here for the program, she gave it to him right away.

Shi Jin had already heard about the biggest investor of the show visiting today.

Deng Yongjian might have changed his mind and came over to ask for the program because of the investor.

Although a lot of problems existed in the show, Shi Jin had to admit that the investor genuinely wanted to promote promising singer-songwriters.

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