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Chapter 109: A Troublemaker


In that case, forget it.” Since Deng Yongjian did not want to do anything about it, Shi Jin did not bother arguing.

She walked out holding the thumb drive.

Deng Yongjian could not help feeling terribly uneasy.

He felt as though he had made the wrong decision on this.

All he did was turn down Shi Jins unreasonable request.

What could possibly go wrong

Just as he contemplated, the chief director, Kang Cheng, walked over with a man.

The moment Deng Yongjian saw the man beside Kang Cheng, he promptly greeted, “Mr Shen!”

Sheng Shuangnan was a young and promising man.

He had well-chiseled features and a cool aura.

His voice sounded as beautiful and clear as a broadcaster when he spoke.

“Is the film crew in charge of taking care of voting fraud”

Deng Yongjian wiped the sweat from his brow.

“Mr Shen, what do you mean by voting fraud”

Kang Cheng glared at Deng Yongqian before he said, “Mr Shen, voting fraud happens all the time.

Most of the time, there are just a handful of unauthorized votes, so it doesnt have much impact on the final results and fairness.”

Sheng Shuangnan was the programs biggest investor and had absolute authority over it.

When the program was first set up, he insisted on selecting promising singer-songwriters.

Things like the contestants height, appearance, and family background should not play a part in the selection.

More importantly, only a talented singer-songwriter could be allowed to win.

Kang Cheng and Deng Yongjian both felt they had done their best to achieve this target.

However, Sheng Shuangnan was unexpectedly dissatisfied with the result.

If Sheng Shuangnan was unhappy with the program, this meant he would pull back his investment in the program.

Since Kang Cheng was the chief director of the program, he was terribly worried about the situation.

Deng Yongjian stepped forward and said, “Mr Shen, this isnt the only episode with voting fraud.

After producing entertainment programs for years, there is always a degree of fraud if voting is involved.

That includes the last few episodes.

It is already open knowledge.

I didnt take care of it previously because we wanted the votes to look decent.

Secondly, we were unable to confirm the authenticity of the votes.

Viewers are allowed to vote five times, but they can always get their friends and family to help vote.

Is this considered voting fraud”

Sheng Shuangnan narrowed his eyes as he looked at him sideways.

“What if someone ran a virtual application to cast tens of thousands of votes”

Even though he spoke with perfect pronunciation, he sounded intimidating.

Deng Yongjian wiped the sweat from his brow and did not dare to speak.

Even though things like this happened, the program was unable to take care of it.

How could they stop a virtual application Virtual applications were created by computer specialists and were capable of casting a large number of votes.

How could they find the culprit

It required far more skills to investigate the matter than it did to cast a vote.

Kang Chen said nothing.

Everyone knew of the problem, but they were incapable of tackling it.

That was the crux.

“I didnt invest all that money so things like this could happen on your program,” Sheng Shuangnan spoke deeply as he reached his hands out to adjust his shirt before turning to leave.

“Wait, Mr Shen!” Kang Cheng followed behind him.

Deng Yongjian followed behind them as he whispered to Kang Chen, “Dont tell me Shi Jin told Mr Shen about the voter fraud”

The woman was simply a troublemaker! Deng Yongjian absolutely abhorred her!

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