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Chapter 108: Voting Fraud

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It was still better than any other song Chu Ling composed even though it was the worst song of the five that Deng Yufei wrote.

He had to keep Deng Yufei on his side.

Deng Yufei was delighted when Chu Ling agreed to her requests.

Now that she could retain ownership of one song, she would have closer ties with Chu Ling.

From now on, she was one step closer to success.

Hu Lai reminded her, “If you have any good songs, you have to save them for us from now on.”

“That goes without saying,” replied Deng Yufei immediately.

Deng Yufei was completely unworried about giving Chu Ling new songs.

As long as Shi Jin was able to write, Deng Yufei had an endless supply of manuscripts.

Deng Yufei was not even worried that Shi Jin might find out.

Was Shi Jin going to pick a bone with Chu Ling

Even though Shi Jin seemed reluctant about being linked with Chu Ling on the surface, Shi Jin must be dying for Chu Ling to use her songs.

However, one thing was certain, Shi Jin would never give up on Chu Ling entirely.

What would the public think even if Shi Jin kicked a fuss and claimed she was the writer of those songs

No one would care about the plagiarism.

They would simply think Shi Jin was still obsessed with Chu Ling and voluntarily wrote so many songs for Chu Ling to use.

Shi Jin would just get labeled a desperate woman again.

Shi Jin was working hard getting ready backstage.

The program was going to start becoming even more competitive.

The remaining 11 contestants.

No, correction.

Now that Deng Yufei was back in the program, there were 12 contestants altogether.

Half of them would get eliminated and only six of them would remain on the show.

In her past life, Shi Jin got kicked off the program at this stage.

Even though she had caused a lot of trouble, Deng Yufei and Shen Qi were the main reason she got eliminated.

In her past life, Deng Yufei did not get eliminated halfway and stayed on the program the entire time.

However, the other contestants were simply too talented.

Shi Jin often performed well for the sake of Chu Ling, so Deng Yufei and Shen Qi really felt the pressure.

The two of them paid hackers to commit voting fraud and kept winning throughout the program.

Even though Shi Jin did not commit voting fraud, she performed phenomenally and outshone them overwhelmingly.

Hence, they accused her of voting fraud and her anti-fans kept cursing her online.

She was eliminated from the program, Chu Ling struck her when she was down and the Shi family also made false accusations about her.

She was surrounded by enemies on all fronts.

This time, Shi Jin was not going to let history repeat itself.

“Little Stone, whats on your mind” asked Gu Qinghua softly.


I need to go backstage.”

Gu Qinghua did not know what Shi Jin had to do, she simply watched as Shi Jin went backstage.

The film crew supervisor, Deng Yongjian, opened his eyes wide.

“Is someone committing voter fraud”

“Uh huh.

I hope something can be done to prevent the unauthorized votes from being included in the final count by means of tech.” Shi Jin handed him a thumb drive.

It contained a program that could help identify and remove the unauthorized votes.

Deng Yongjian fired someone previously because of Shi Jin, so he already felt Shi Jin was a troublemaker.

Now, he could not resist saying, “Little Stone, I know you are a good performer.

Why dont you just focus on your performance”

He was trying to tell her to stay out of this.

“Should I sit back and accept the results if there is voting fraud”

Deng Yongjian assured her, “We will definitely ensure that everything is fair.

Everything has been fine all along.

Would you still be standing here if the voting system was unfair”

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