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Chapter 107: She Isnt Entirely Stupid

Deng Yufei smiled when she saw this.

“It seems Allure knows what they are doing.

By doing this, everyone knows about their products now.”

Hu Lai said, “It is time for you to post something about the ad and do some promotion.”

Before long, Deng Yufei posted filming highlights on her social media account.

Her post came accompanied with a message: [Choose the right product for yourself!]

Although Deng Yufei was wearing a mask, the advertisement was artistic and looked very tasteful.

The moment her fans saw this, they flattered her nonstop on social media.

Allure was just an ordinary brand with a decent reputation.

In the past, no one talked about their brand ambassadors or their advertisements.

However, thanks to Shi Jin, people suddenly paid so much attention to their latest promotional efforts that it felt as though it was done by a superstar.

Mr Zhou felt delighted by the effect.

He felt deeply justified by his decision to pick Deng Yufei and Deng Yufei garnered a lot of attention owing to the affair.

They paid online social media account holders to talk about Little Stones jealousy towards Little Raindrop online.

Before long, thousands of people started talking about Shi Jin throwing a temper online because she lost the job to Deng Yufei.

[Celebrities like her dont deserve to be in the entertainment industry.

She needs a lesson in ethics.]

[I really wonder what she looks like.

She isnt even officially working in the entertainment industry yet, but she is already acting like this.]

[Hehe! Little Stone She is just a stone from the cesspool!]

[As the saying goes, rain can penetrate a rock with time.

It is clear Little Raindrop will have the last laugh!]

Shi Jin texted Yao Jiahong: [Dont bother trying to make them stop.

Just leave them be.]

That was exactly what Yao Jiahong had planned on doing.

Regardless of what Shi Jin did, she was his celebrity.

Since Shi Jin insisted on not doing anything about the posts, he did not make them go away.

To be honest, even though he was a lot more professional about Shi Jin now, he had yet to start going all out for her.

Deng Yufei used Shi Jin as a stepping stone and gained attention so more people found out that she was back on the program.

“Looks like she isnt entirely stupid.” Chu Ling was rather happy with Deng Yufeis performance.

Hu Lai smiled as she flattered him, “After all, she is your cousin, so she cant be that stupid.”

Chu Ling flipped through the manuscript and hummed gently.

The songs were absolutely moving.

Despite his songwriting talent, he had never composed anything as moving as Deng Yufei all these years.

“We have to ensure complete secrecy regarding the new album.” Chu Ling reminded Hu Lai.

He could not let anyone learn of the songs he had in his possession and give them the chance to steal them from him.

He needed this album to secure his status in the entertainment industry.

Hu Lai replied, “That goes without saying.

Only core members of the production team have heard these songs and they have signed an NDA.

Oh yes.

Have you decided if you want to use Deng Yufeis songs”

Deng Yufeis request was easy to attain.

She was willing to give Chu Ling complete ownership of five of her songs at no other charge.

However, she wanted to retain ownership of one song.

She wanted to use the opportunity to help her stand firm in the industry.

She also promised to continue supplying Chu Ling with new songs in the future, so Chu Ling and Hu Lai were very tempted to take up Deng Yufeis deal.

Chu Ling contemplated briefly before he said, “Let her keep a song.”

He went over the songs before finally picking the worst one for Deng Yufei.

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