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Chapter 106: Implying Something

It was impossible for Shi Jin to keep her hands out of the matter.

Some of Shi Jins fans found out about the advertisement, so a lot of them left posts on her social media home page.

[Little Stone, are you doing an ad for Allure I am holding my wallet waiting to snap up their products!]

[Uh huh! Little Stone, which product is the ad for Since this is the first time you are appearing in a commercial, Im going to dedicate all my breakfast money for a month to help support the products.]

Shi Jin glanced through the comments before replying to a few of them: [I would much prefer if you took care of yourselves rather than support the products.]

She thought about Allures problematic products and added one more post: [Im not filming any ads for now.

Even if I did, I hope none of you will buy products blindly.

When it comes to skincare, you should always check its contents carefully and pick the right product for yourself.

Otherwise, it would to be terrible if you suffer any allergic reactions.]

The fans were impressed by how thoughtful Shi Jin was and kept talking about it.

Meanwhile, Deng Yufei was terribly furious after she was done filming the advertisement.

“What is Shi Jin trying to say” asked Deng Yufei angrily.

“Is she trying to tell people not to support me or Allure”

Mr Wang was one of the reasons she had the opportunity to film this advertisement.

After Chu Ling had decided to use her songs, he also helped to speak on her behalf.

Hu Lai even came to watch her film the advertisement today.

She had stolen the opportunity to film the advertisement from Shi Jin, so it meant a lot to both Deng Yufei and Chu Ling.

Now that Shi Jin had made such implications online, Deng Yufeis high spirits instantly disappeared.

Hu Lai glanced at the post and said, “She is just taking it out on you.

Now that the ad is in your pocket and your popularity is rising, it is natural for her to be sour grapes.”

Deng Yufei felt slightly better after hearing this.

She nodded and said, “Will Allure let Shi Jin get away with the things she is implying”

Hu Lai did not know of Allures plans and it was best for her to stay out of it, but she did her best to find out.

Before long, she put down her phone as she smiled and said, “Allure isnt going to let Shi Jin get away with this.

They already made a post on their official social media account.

Check this out.”

Deng Yufei took the phone, glanced at it, and instantly smiled.

Allures official announcement read: [We were trying to choose a brand ambassador between Little Stone and Little Raindrop.

Owing to some publicly known facts, we ended up choosing Little Raindrop.

Since there are plenty of other opportunities for us to collaborate in the future, we hope Little Stone wont get upset because of our decision.]

This post clearly sounded ambiguous and ended up implying Shi Jin was trying to get back at Allure.

People quickly read between the lines.

[That means Little Stone was just backup.

If Allure isnt interested in her, its only natural that she got dropped from the advertisement.]

[Isnt it completely expected that Allure wont use her in their ad How could she make a post implying Allures products will cause allergies She even warned her fans not to buy them.

Thats really too much.]

[How could she do this It was simply shameless of her to turn her fans against the products just because she did not get the ad!]

[Dont we all know why she didnt get chosen She is too ugly!]

[Allure made the right choice to drop Little Stone!]

[You are the best, Little Raindrop! All the best, Little Raindrop!]

[Even if none of Little Stones fans buy a single product, it wont cause a dent in the sales.]

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