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Chapter 105: Does He Deserve My Help

Product formula was a well-guarded secret since Allure was a skincare product company.

The moment Shi Jin brought this up, Yao Jiahong could no longer stay quiet.

Shi Jin continued, “Mr Zhou, theres something wrong with your product formula.

If you make some changes…”

Mr Zhou chuckled out loud and interrupted her, “Jiahong, where did you find this girl She is simply intriguing.


I will give you some transport allowance since you came all the way here.”

“Mr Zhou…” Shi Jin still wanted to go on.

“I have a meeting to go to, so I cant stay and chat.” Mr Zhous expression was annoyed and his smile disappeared completely.

The secretary took out some money.

Even though he was smiling, his words sounded cold.

“Here you go.”

It felt as though Shi Jin came all the way here just to get this meager sum of money.

Yao Jiahong was so angry that he pulled Shi Jin and left without even taking it.

Behind the door, the secretary kept looking at them in contempt as they left.

Yao Jiahong said to Shi Jin, “Thats enough.

I will take care of this, so you stay out of it.”

He did not throw a temper at Shi Jin.

After all, she was not at fault.

Shi Jin said softly, “There is something wrong with their product formula.

It will set off allergic reactions on customers with special conditions.”

“Are you for real” Even though Yao Jiahong phrased it like a question, he kind of believed her.

Ever since the yao orchid incident, he instinctively trusted Shi Jin when it came to obscure knowledge.

He asked, “Since there is something wrong with the formula, you should have warned me about it so that we could come up with some way to convince Mr Zhou.”

Shi Jin glanced at Yao Jiahong.

She was clearly trying to say.

If she had told him about it beforehand, would he believe her

He cleared his throat awkwardly.

Shi Jin said mildly, “I could have highlighted the problem to Mr Zhou using subtler methods, but do you think he deserves my help”

Yao Jiahong was speechless.

Mr Zhou was all about money, so he was unworthy of Shi Jins help.

He was not even apologetic about kicking Shi Jin off the advertisement and simply kept throwing money at them.

It was abundantly clear what kind of man he was.

“Never mind.

This is out of our control anyway.” Although Yao Jiahong believed Shi Jin, he felt it was none of their business.

After Shi Jin parted ways with Yao Jiahong, she surfed the internet on her phone to find out more about the Zhou family.

She discovered there were other people running the business and Mr Zhou was not the sole owner.

The moment she saw their family photo, she recalled more details.

In her past life, even though customers experienced allergic reactions on Mr Zhous watch, he turned a blind eye, embezzled funds, and ran off without doing anything for the consumers.

The man who stepped up and solved the problem was his cousin, Zhou Tang.

Zhou Tang received no support from the family all his life, so his talent was buried.

After the incident occurred, he ended up selling all his property and took responsibility for the problem.

Thanks to his actions, Shi Jin did not want to stand by and wait for Allure to sink.

Otherwise, she would have just left when she learned Deng Yufei was doing the advertisement.

Shi Jin made a list of the ingredients used in Allures products and highlighted the problem before finding Zhou Tangs contact information and sending it to him.

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