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Chapter 104: Who Has Greater Commercial Value

Yao Jiahong rubbed his brow and attempted to talk her out of it, “Shi Jin, they already agreed to compensate for your loss, so can we drop it”

“What if I insist” asked Shi Jin.

Yao Jiahongs heart skipped a beat when she looked at him with her clear, bright eyes.

It was genuinely bad for her reputation if people could pull such stunts on an artist.

If he did not stand firm and take Shi Jins side, everyone else would try to push her around when word got out.

Yao Jiahong had to admit he softened up when he heard it was Deng Yufei who had stolen her assignment.

He was genuinely impressed by her talent.

However, since Shi Jin was insistent, Yao Jiahong pulled a few strings so that she could see Allures owner, Mr Zhou.

Mr Zhou was a man in his thirties.

Although he was on the plump side, he was well dressed and looked like a refined man.

Mr Zhou was sipping tea when he heard Shi Jin wanted to talk to him about the advertisement.

He decided to do Yao Jiahong a favor and asked for them to get sent in.

He looked at the young woman standing behind Yao Jiahong.

She was tall and lean and had a pair of beautiful eyes showing from above her mask.

Sadly, she did not have the looks to go with her beautiful eyes.

“Jiahong, I will make arrangements for the compensation to be transferred to you right away.

Allow me to buy you dinner to make up for it.” Mr Zhou did not seem apologetic about changing the brand ambassador last minute.

He was the one who personally asked for it to get changed to Little Raindrop.

The marketing team loved Shi Jin for her talent and beautiful eyes.

Only Mr Zhou knew the true reason for the change.

Mr Wang thought highly of Little Raindrop and wanted to groom her.

Also, she was closely linked to Chu Ling and was about to get back onto the program.

It was blatantly clear that Deng Yufei had far higher commercial value than Shi Jin.

Shi Jin stood up and said mildly, “Mr Zhou, I have something to say to you.”

“You” Mr Zhou laughed forcibly.

“I suggest you leave.

We dont want you to film it and we will be compensating you for it.

Is it not better now that you can take the money without doing any real work Allure is doing you a favor here.”

“I am not here to talk about the advertisement.

Even if you did not find someone else to do it, I wanted to terminate the contract.” Shi Jin told him about her objectives.

The moment Mr Zhou heard this, he felt she was just trying to save face.

Would she want to give up this opportunity

“Well, havent we already terminated the contract Do you have more requests for compensation” Mr Zhou pursed his lips as he took a sip of tea.

If he was not acquainted with Yao Jiahong, he could not be bothered talking to this young woman.

Yao Jiahong stood by the side without interfering.

Since he agreed to let Shi Jin have the chance to talk to Mr Zhou, he would stick to his word.

Shi Jin quickly changed the subject.

“I want to talk to you about your products formula.”

In her past life, around this time next month, Allures products would cause a large-scale skin sensitivity problem and the company would face deep public outcry.

The owner of the company, Mr Zhou, personally stepped forward to see the victims who almost got disfigured and promised to take accountability for the situation.

He worked diligently to solve the problem before the matter was finally resolved.

Shi Jin recalled Mr Zhou to be a responsible man.

Since she had the chance to meet him today, she did not mind giving him some hints regarding the problems that were about to ensue.

That way, she could help reduce the number of victims.

The moment Yao Jiahong heard what Shi Jin said, he reminded her, “Little Stone, thats enough.”

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