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Chapter 103: Back on the Program

“Will I get to see the owner of the company” asked Shi Jin.

Yao Jiahong looked at her deeply.

He was clearly warning her to film the advertisement without making any trouble.

Shi Jin was determined and could not be bothered explaining the situation to him.

On the filming day, Yao Jiahong brought Shi Jin over first thing in the morning.

“Hi, Jiahong!” The person in charge of the advertisement was particularly friendly to Yao Jiahong, but the moment he looked at Shi Jin, all he had was contempt.

Shi Jin undeniably had great vocals and was a good songwriter.

However, Allure was a cosmetics brand and needed an ambassador with good looks to promote the brand.

Shi Jin was filming the advertisement with a mask.

Even if she did not need the most flawless complexion to be a brand ambassador, she ought to have relatively clear skin.

However, everyone knew about Shi Jins ghastly scar on her chin.

Yao Jiahong nodded.

“Lets start filming.”

The person in charge smiled apologetically.

“Jiahong, I am so sorry.

Some other artist is filming the ad.

“What do you mean” Yao Jiahong frowned.

The person in charge smiled and said, “Another contestant will be doing it.

I wanted to tell you about it, but you arrived before I could call you.”

Someone had clearly stolen Shi Jins assignment.

“We will compensate you according to the agreement.” The person in charge of the advertisement felt relieved that his superiors had the brains not to insist on giving Shi Jin the project so that they could get on Yao Jiahongs good side.

They would rather compensate Shi Jin than use her for the advertisement.

No consumer would be crazy enough to buy skincare from a disfigured brand ambassador.

Yao Jiahong was particularly angry.

Judging from his attitude, it was a done deal.

He asked, “Who is replacing her”

“Little Raindrop!”

“Wasnt she eliminated from the program” Yao Jiahong felt puzzled.

Had Deng Yufei stolen the advertisement using a completely different name

The person in charge replied, “Dont you know The viewers have voted for her to come back on the program.

She will start filming in the next episode.

My superior has such high hopes for her that he has personally visited the filming location.”

The person in charge was very happy with Deng Yufeis face.

Although she could only film the advertisement with a mask on for now, Deng Yufei had a pretty face whether or not she continued working in the entertainment industry.

He admired Deng Yufeis talent and inexplicably liked her.

He even smiled when he learned she was back on the program.

“Is she back”

The person in charge took out his phone and showed it to Yao Jiahong.

The filming crew had added a new segment to the program.

Viewers could vote to get an eliminated contestant back on the program.

Deng Yufei naturally came in first.


In that case, we will accept the compensation.” Yao Jiahong did not want to put up a fight.

Shi Jin saw everything.

Initially, Yao Jiahong was furious, but he ended up accepting everything calmly.

Shi Jin did not want to film the advertisement to begin with, so she did not throw a temper.

Just as Yao Jiahong was about to leave, she recalled the business she had with Allure and said, “I would like to see their boss.”

“Shi Jin.” Yao Jiahong halted in his footsteps.

“I will find you a better project in the future.”

“I still want to see him.

Didnt you hear He is here on set.”

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