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Chapter 102: Dont Be Shy About Using It

Fu Xiuyuan leaned towards her nose and kissed her lips before placing his hand behind her head.

He kissed her deeply from across the table.

Shi Jins ears instantly flushed red, but she did not push him away.

Shi Jin knew about all the sacrifices Fu Xiuyuan had made for her.

He was even willing to save her at the cost of his life.

She had already fallen for him by now.

Her eyes gradually cleared up as she regained rationality after Fu Xiuyuan stopped kissing her.

She placed the bottle in Fu Xiuyuans hand.

After Fu Xiuyuan came into contact with the cool bottle, he finally realized she was telling him to “try” the medicine and not asking for a “kiss”.

It was all his imagination.

He could not help stiffening his back once he realized his mistake.

He finally raised his hand to smell the orchid extract only to realize it was the wrong hand.

Fu Xiuyuan finally calmed down when he smelled the faint scent of the orchid.

Shi Jin pursed her lips and smiled as she noticed everything.

In her past life, she never noticed him even after spending years with him.

She shockingly never realized how helpless this powerful and intimidating man was in front of her.

She had missed so much about him.

“It smells good.” Fu Xiuyuan stared at her lips.

This extract was fragrant and not overpowering.

It gave off a refreshing, elegant fragrance and it felt relaxing to smell it.

It was Shi Jins scent.

“Keep it.

Dont be shy about using it.

I will make it regularly from now on,” reminded Shi Jin.

Fu Xiuyuan wrapped his hand around the precious little bottle.


Ever since Yao Jiahong had decided to work with Shi Jin wholeheartedly, he started working on her development.

Shi Jin was preparing for the next round of the competition when he walked up to Shi Jin and placed a contract in front of her.

“Shi Jin, I got you an advertising deal.”

Although none of the contestants showed their faces, a lot of brands had started reaching out to the most popular contestants

Even if she had to wear a mask when she filmed the advertisement, it was fine by them.

The important thing was to utilize her current popularity and fan base.

Also, they could collaborate with the contestants after they officially entered the entertainment industry.

However, no one asked Shi Jin to appear in any advertisement since it was public knowledge that she had a scar on her face.

Shi Jin flipped through the contract.


“Uh huh.

Make time to get the filming done.

It shouldnt take more than four hours.”

Since she did not need hair or makeup for the advertisement, this ad ought to be a quick assignment and would not get in the way of her preparation.

Shi Jin touched the scar on her chin.

Despite the scar on her face, Yao Jiahong was able to find her a skincare advertisement.

He was undoubtedly the top talent agent in the industry.

Shi Jins scar was gradually disappearing.

It could recover faster without makeup.

She had absolute confidence in herself.

She would be in no way doing injustice to skin care.

The moment she saw the brand, Shi Jin frowned slightly.

“Is there a problem” asked Yao Jiahong.

“I certainly hope you have no objections.

I had to call in a favor to get you the assignment.”

Shi Jin glanced at him.

She recalled that its products caused severe allergies in her past life and ended up highly controversial.

If she took up the advertising deal, she might be attracting trouble for herself.

Since Yao Jiahong was kind enough to get her this opportunity to do the ad, Shi Jin decided to help him.

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