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Chapter 101: Smell This

Shi Jin instinctively raised her head and looked in his direction.

She happened to make eye contact with Fu Xiuyuans deep eyes.

He had just come out of the shower and only had a towel wrapped around his waist.

His bare chest was covered with some muscle and was well defined.

Since he was not completely dry, water droplets came trickling down onto his towel.

Shi Jins face instantly felt warm.

She always knew Fu Xiuyuan had an excellent figure, but she did not know in detail.

Even though she was not the sort to care about looks, she could not suppress thoughts of sex running through her head when she saw him.

Shi Jin immediately averted her eyes just thinking about it.

Fu Xiuyuan pursed his lips as he casually put on a bathrobe and covered his body.

He knew he was too anxious previously and had given her a bad memory.

It was not his intention at all.

He treasured her so much that he could not even bear to hurt a finger, but he ruined it for her.

He should have slowed down and given her a better experience.

Fu Xiuyuan sat down beside Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin.” His voice sounded husky and gentle.

Shi Jin finally suppressed the thoughts in her head before she turned around and smiled as she said, “I have something to give you.”

“What” Fu Xiuyuan swallowed as his eyes landed on her red lips.

“You will find out in a minute.” The moment Shi Jin finished her sentence, someone knocked on the door.

She got up to take the food trolley from outside and pushed it in front of Fu Xiuyuan.

“Im sure you didnt have dinner, right Let me eat with you.”

Fu Xiuyuan watched as she lifted up the silver food cover.

It contained the food and drink she had eaten with Ye Peiwen tonight.

Fu Xiuyuan narrowed his eyes with a complicated expression radiating from them before he sat down in front of her.


Shi Jin knew it was impossible for him to have any appetite or even work after he saw the things that transpired between her and Ye Peiwen.

Since he wanted to get jealous of Ye Peiwen, Shi Jin was not going to pass up on the opportunity to help increase his sense of security.

As they were the same dishes Ye Peiwen had ordered, they were not entirely Fu Xiuyuans favorites.

He usually wouldnt even touch one of the dishes.

However, Fu Xiuyuan quickly ate with grace after he sat down.

He even finished the dish he hated.

Shi Jin could not help laughing.

If she knew he would be so obedient, she would not have asked for the exact same dishes she ate with Ye Peiwen.

Shi Jin watched as Fu Xiuyuan reached for another mouthful of the dish he hated the most and smiled as she raised her right hand and said, “Also, this is for you.”

Fu Xiuyuan finally put down his chopsticks the moment she said this.

Shi Jin handed him an exquisite little bottle.

Light reflected off the fluid inside.

“I extracted the yao orchids essence.

It will aid with sleep.” Shi Jin opened the cap and held Fu Xiuyuans wrist before dabbing some on it.

Her soft slender fingers landed on his wrist and dotted it.

Fu Xiuyuans heart skipped a beat and he had trouble breathing.

He unknowingly straightened his back as he stared at her bright red lips.

“All done.

Try it.” Shi Jin put the cap back on.

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