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Chapter 100: Do You Think Hes Handsome

Fu Xiuyuan pulled Shi Jin into his arms.

He embraced her so hard that it seemed as though he wanted to become one with her.

Shi Jin smiled.

She could tell how anxious Fu Xiuyuan was.

It was all her fault for saying stupid things in the past.

She claimed she preferred women and said she would leave him and fly off one day.

Even though Shi Jin ought to be angry, she could not bring herself to throw a temper since he had called his subordinates off and showed such a helpless side to him.

Although he trusted her completely, it would take some time to nurse his sense of security back.

His sense of security was still a tiny sapling now.

However, she swore to cultivate it until it became a massive tree.


On their way home, Shi Jin told him everything about her and Ye Peiwen.

The moment she brought this up, Fu Xiuyuan thought about Ye Peiwen kissing her on both cheeks.

After the car pulled up at Lanting Residences parking lot, Fu Xiuyuan raised her hands and pressed them against the window as he kissed her deeply.

His cool lips kept moving over her exquisite face until they finally stopped on her cheek.

He sealed her with kisses, especially on the spots Ye Peiwen had kissed her earlier.

He seemed determined to eradicate all traces of Ye Peiwen on Shi Jin or mark her for himself.

Shi Jin made a mental note never to let anyone else kiss her.

Not even girls that are her best girlfriends!


After getting back to Lanting Residence, Shi Jin took a bath before sitting on the couch to play with her phone.


A few notifications came continuously.

They were all from Fu Heyan.

[Jin, I have been recovering well recently.


I just changed my dressing and my hand can already move.]

Her text message was accompanied by footage of her hands and her getting their dressing changed.

Shi Jin replied: [You can start doing some exercise to aid recovery.

Dont overdo it and dont do it too vigorously.

Go slow.]

[Okay! *clenches fist*] Fu Heyan sent a string of emoticons energetically.

Before Shi Jin could reply, she sent a few more text messages: [Jin, my little brother visited me in the morning and I took pictures of him.

Let me show you.]

Her text message was followed by two pictures of Fu Xiuyuan.

She had clearly secretly taken those pictures.

One of them was of Fu Xiuyuan standing in the corridor making a phone call.

There were some shadows on his tall form and his features were particularly stunning.

The second picture was captured as he looked sideways and spoke to the doctor with his impeccable profile showing.

Shi Jin smiled.

Fu Xiuyuan probably did not even know about these pictures since they were clearly taken in a hurry.

Before Shi Jin could reply, Fu Heyan asked: [What do you think Is he handsome]

Shi Jin replied: [Yes, he is.]

Fu Heyan was glad she agreed.

That was the first thing she needed to help give a good impression of her little brother.

All that remained was to give them the perfect opportunity.

During this time, Shi Jin had proven to be a responsible doctor with excellent medical skills, so there was already a level of trust and friendship between them.

[Then I will take more for you.] Fu Heyan texted enthusiastically.

Shi Jin did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Since Fu Heyan was still recovering, she had to keep her identity a secret for now.

Just as she looked at her phone jokingly, she suddenly sensed someone looking at her.

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