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I asked Rodrigo to let me in undetected.

Stefan and Hela are not at home, and Kaylan, Ether, and Eyla are busy, so there is little chance of meeting each other, but if someone saw me and told them what I was saying, the whole of Cartina would be turned upside down.

As Rodrigo’s victory ceremony was coming soon, I wanted to move on quietly.

Rodrigo seemed to be troubled and then disappeared with Loa in his arms.

When he returned, Loa was gone.

“I left it to Jane.

In your room.”

Rodrigo gives me an answer before I even ask.

“Can you be alone”

It was a question for Billian.

Gilter won’t be able to come after us right away thanks to Rodrigo’s tight leash.

“Of course I can be alone.

Sir Erhardt.”

Billian retorted as if Rodrigo was offended by the question itself.

“No, Rodrigo.

Send Billian first.”

“Estiya, to be honest, I don’t feel very good.

I’m holding back a lot in case you’ll be surprised.”

“So will you be a little considerate of me” His lips that whispered in my ears were hot.

You must be really angry.

I had to stretch my arms and wrap them around Rodrigo’s neck.

Rodrigo lifted my body with a low smile.

“I’ll be back soon.”

I was worried about Billian, but I recalled that Billian was also a Cartina.

Rodrigo murmured softly.

My eyes went white and then dark.

It was in my room when I opened my eyes again.

“Miss! What’s going on!”

Jane was wise.

Loa’s thighs were being treated directly without calling a doctor.

After giving first aid roughly, Jane, who was wiping Loa’s thigh, threw the towel away and ran to me.

“I know.

What is this”

“Let’s hear the story in detail after bringing your cousin.”

Rodrigo said with a determination to listen properly.

It was my job to worry about what to say.


Loa endured the treatment process without shouting once, unlike a child.

Jane was in charge of a series of tasks to remove bomb fragments, disinfecting and stitching wounds.

Rodrigo said he could use magic to relieve the pain, but Loa shook her head.

“Why, Loa”

“…It’s Erhardt.”

I sighed deeply.

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Even though Erhardt and Cartina are enemies… …

Rodrigo’s hand rested on my shoulder.

Rodrigo smiled as I looked up.

“The lady of Cartina is brave.”

Rodrigo talked softly to Loa, wondering if she would be concerned that she had rejected him.

Loa bowed her head.

I was relieved to see Loa’s cheeks red.

Loa is not willing to accept Erhardt because of her indoctrination, but she will like Rodrigo.

But why does she like it What does Loa like about Rodrigo

After all, when the contract ends, we’ll be fine… … It’s like having a younger sister rejoice that she’s on good terms with her brother-in-law.

I was embarrassed and pushed Rodrigo’s hand away.

“Now, let’s talk about adults, shall we”

It’s late at night.

I think I’m done sleeping today.


“……please investigate that teacher, Mr.

Or should I order Devlon”

“It’s not for Erhardt to step up.”

My words cracked Rodrigo’s face.

“I’m not here as Erhardt right now, I’m here as your lover.

To be exact, as a prospective husband.”

Rodrigo’s eyes deepened.

“I feel so reassured and grateful.

I wouldn’t have been safe without you earlier.”

At that time, I thought of throwing my whole body to block Gilter.

Because Loa’s face was getting paler.

Even if she didn’t lose her life, one of her arms or legs could have been broken, and it could have fallen off if left alone.

The timing of Rodrigo’s appearance was dramatic and I had to fall for him, but I couldn’t keep getting help.

“I’m glad you’re helping me, but things will get bigger.”

Maybe Gilter’s attack on us justifies it.

Just because I was helped by Erhardt.


“Don’t disregard us.

We just didn’t prepare enough earlier.”

Billian approached us to see if Loa was asleep.

A boyish look appeared on his tired face.

Although he has grown taller, he is still a child.

I felt sorry for Billian, who had been through hard times.

“Why don’t you take a break”

“Sister it is you who should.”

The word “sister” is ticklish.

What’s wrong with him all of a sudden

“Gilter didn’t just prepare for a day or two.”

Billian dragged a chair and sat next to me.

Rodrigo stared at him as if to keep going.

“Since a long time ago, Brother Gilter has been….Brother Gilter has hated sister since he was young.”

The reason for emphasizing the fact that he knows again is to scare me or because he wants to warn me.

I tilted my head because I couldn’t grasp Billian’s intentions.

“Until now, sister has lived quietly behind the scenes, so Gilter has not touched her either.”

Quietly behind the scenes.

It wasn’t for Gilter.

“But sister…”

Billian pauses and glances at Rodrigo.

“He must have been angry because you were involved with Erhardt and were interested in the imperial family at the same time.”

“Why, is he jealous”

Rodrigo and Billian had strange faces at my words.

I took a sip of Jane’s tea.


Brother Gilter wants to be crowned Count of Cartina.”

I couldn’t help laughing.

With or without me, he’s not as good as my brother.  To me, it seemed naive and foolish.

With the outstanding Kaylan, there’s no way for anyone else.

It’s a pity that he happened to have such a vain dream.

“My uncle wants it, too.”

“What about you”

Suddenly, I wondered why Billian was friendly by telling me all the information I didn’t know.


Billian took a breath.

Fear flashed across his face.

“I just want to live, sister.”

The bare face I saw for the first time in 15 years after we had known each other was desperate and sad.


Rodrigo secretly drove Billian to his house.

Loa liked to spend time with her cousin, whom she had not seen in a long time, so she agreed to stay at our house for a few days.

“Are you sure you’re not going to take issue with it”

Rodrigo was dissatisfied about not dealing with Gilter properly.

I wiped the cold sweat from Loa’s forehead and got up.

The shadow of Rodrigo leaning against the window is dark.

The sun was already rising.  The cool morning breeze ruffled his hair.

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“I will endure it until your victory ceremony is over.

I’m not gonna do anything.

Don’t make me say the same thing.”

I can take care of my own safety.  And it’s better to save Gilter’s problem and use it to pressure him than to blow it up right away.  It’s nothing to kill each other to become successors within Cartina anyway.

“Then do I just have to go back now and ride my horse day and night to cross the gate of the capital”

Rodrigo spoke very cooperatively but did not hide the anger behind his words.


Come on the appointed date.”

The date set by the emperor.

You don’t know what it means to break it.

“Don’t force me.”

Rodrigo spoke in a frosty voice and glanced out the window.

The sun hanging in the middle of the mountain almost showed its face.

It was time for Rodrigo to go.

I took his hand before he chanted a spell.

Surprised by the sudden contact, his eyes widened a little.

My heart raced when I saw him speak so stiffly.

It was hard to believe that he was someone who spoke so harshly that I couldn’t even go through the eye of a needle.*

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“Rodrigo, don’t overdo it, because of me.”

His heart was directed at me.

Realization is always sudden and unexpected.

And it weighs.

“You’re the only one who’s pushing me too hard.

We’d better not talk more today.

The more I talk, the more tired I feel.”

Rodrigo pulled his hand out of my hand at the end of the sentence.

He disappeared in an instant.

The curtains fluttered from where he was standing.

His warmth remained in my hands, but my heart felt empty.


Loa called me when it happened.

I approached Loa, touched her forehead, pulled up the blanket, and covered her.

“Sleep more, Loa.”

“What about sister Let’s sleep together.”

Even Rodrigo didn’t sleep at all, how can I sleep However, not getting a good night’s sleep because of guilt or regret doesn’t improve anything.

I held Loa in my arms and closed my eyes.

I didn’t realize that I didn’t wash until Eyla and Ether, who came home, saw my condition and screamed.

My plan to cover up Gilter’s work came to naught.

TL/N: Gilter extra dead now.


“I’ll kill you!”

I barely stopped Ether from running out with a sword.

“Sister, listen to me.”

“Is that bastard dating a girl these days”

Eyla murmured grimly.

“Absolutely not, sister.”

I know the devastating consequences when villains harass those around them with the intention of harassing others.

Rodrigo is a living witness.

“How dare he touch you! Are you going to forgive that and move on”

“Sister, listen to me.

I’ll never forgive him.

I’m going to get back at him.

But it’s not the time.”

I managed to calm Ether and Eyla down.

In order to talk calmly with my sisters, I had to promise to go with them to a teahouse that is said to be opening up in the capital these days.

Ether and Eila, who were huffing, sat down.

“I’m sorry, Jane.

Can you take care of Loa”

I ordered Loa to be moved to Jane’s room, thinking that Ether and Eyla were excited and might say something strange.

Jane immediately followed my orders.

“It’s because of Rodrigo, isn’t it Damn Erhardt.”

As soon as Loa disappeared, Eyla said as if she were grinding her teeth.

I didn’t respond.

Ether and Eyla sighed at the same time.

“Why are you so cautious”

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Eyla and Ether looked at me with incomprehensible eyes.

From their point of view, my cautious steps will not be satisfactory.

Growing up in Cartina means that.

Don’t look at anyone.

Don’t forgive anyone for their faults.

Don’t show mercy to anyone.

Because we’re Cartinas.

But I know.

Cartina’s safety is possible only when we’re is on good terms with the Imperial family.

Now that I have decided to marry Erhardt, the friendly friendship with the imperial family will not last forever, and we will eventually have to survive in our own way.

Let’s wait and see for now.

But I have to do what I have to do.

I looked at Ether and Eyla.

“I’ll have to find that teacher first, sister.”

I asked Eyla and Ether.

“I’m not good at that.

Will my sisters help me”

“Of course.

Bring him here”

“Yes, that would be great.”

“Which part of the arm, leg, and head should I bring you”

I sighed heavily inwardly.

“All of them.

In a state where he can breathe and talk.”

“You mean he doesn’t have to see what’s in front of him.”

Ether and Eyla laughed.

They had very simple personalities, so I didn’t know if I should say it’s good or not.


TL/N: Her siblings are so overkill i love it


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