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Chapter 99 Relief sculpture’s textures

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Xiaya was very surprised.

It’s no wonder that in the original work, only Son Goku was able to learn Instant Transmission.

It was not that Son Goku didn’t want to teach, but Instant Transmission can only be understood and not explained in words.

He simply did not know where to teach.

As for why Cell and Majin Buu were able to learn, Xiaya has his own speculations.

It can only be said that their comprehension and luck was really good.

Cell barely escaped with his life by self-detonation and on the verge of death, got insights regarding Instant Transmission’s essence.

And when he became Super Perfect Cell, he learned Instant Transmission.

As for Majin Buu, he was really a ‘man of good wisdom often seems slow-witted’, his comprehension very good.

Uh, does Majin Buu really have great wisdom Xiaya can’t say for sure…

“These relief sculptures are so beautiful, Hey…Xiaya, can I learn Instant Transmission here” Xiling eyes darted around everywhere with curiosity, her beautiful eyes full of astonishment.

In the middle of the vast open underground palace, a towering sacred green statue was quietly slumbering.

Xiaya nodded and said: “Pay attention to these relief textures on the stone walls.

Planet Yardrat’s secret skills are hidden inside.

You just have to focus on the relief sculpture and the name of the secret skills will appear in your brain.”

At this time, remembering Yardratian’s warning from before, Xiaya felt it necessary to once more remind everyone:

“Yardratian’s secret skills can easily have a great impact on the spirit.

Choose one secret skill respectively to train in and must pay attention to not overexert yourself.

Wait until you have trained in one of them, only then see if you can endure training in another!”

He was not worried about Bardock as he has a mature mentality and rich experience, and could clearly distinguish between what is important and what is not.

Xiaya mainly fears that Xiling and Myers wouldn’t know what is important, causing irreparable injury.

“I understand!” After hearing him, Xiling knew what he was trying to say to them, and she agreed without thinking before quietly running away.

“Then I will also go and choose.

I want to select a secret skill which has practical uses.”

After Myers responded, she also happily turned towards the walls surrounding the underground palace.

Looking at the two energetic brats, Xiaya helplessly smiled, then nodded at Bardock and began to look through mural relief sculptures on the wall.

Bardock’s target was very clear, and that is the “True Spiritual Art” mentioned before by Yardratian.

It is said that this “True Spiritual Art” can not only dispel the Kanassan’s curse, but can also enhance his prediction ability.

This is indeed a secret skill with many uses.

In Bardock’s heart, dispelling the side effects of the curse was of utmost importance.

Of course, if he can retain the prediction ability, it naturally couldn’t be better as it can be of use for the Saiyan race.

Walking a full circle around the underground palace, Xiaya one by one sensed the spirit impacts from the various secret skills while looking for the place where “Instant Transmission” secret skill was located.

Yardratian secret skills relief sculptures were of various strange types.

There were simple techniques that are used in daily life, as well as powerful secret skills suitable for fighting.

Carefully counting, he could see that there are up to 300 different types of secret skills, but most of them were of auxiliary types.

The Instant Transmission that he is looking for was also in the auxiliary category.

Scanning through the relief sculpture patterns, Xiaya exclaimed at Yardratian ancestors wisdom.

Soon, he again bumped into Xiling and Myers, who were also searching for Instant Transmission’s secret skill.

“Xiaya, quickly come here.

I have found the Instant Transmission!”

A surprised yell came over.

Xiaya noticed that not far away, Xiling was loudly shouting while pointing at complex patterns on the stone wall.

“Did you find it”

“Yeah, but Instant Transmission’s relief textures are very complex.

I have started feeling dizzy after just looking at it for a while.” Xiling eyebrows furrowed as she revealed an embarrassed expression on her face.

Xiaya smiled and looked up at relief textures on the wall, and suddenly felt as though innumerable strange ripples were fluctuating on his retina.

As he looked at them carefully, a powerful impact once again swept over.

Oh, his nerves started stinging, and his brain suddenly felt weariness as if it was lacking nutrients.

“Really powerful!” Xiaya sighed in his heart.

He compared slightly and found that the spiritual impacts of Instant Transmission secret skill were far more aggressive than the impacts of other secret skills.

It was not physical fatigue, but spirit receiving powerful impacts.

Closing his eyes and standing silently for a moment, he once again opened his eyes and pondered before saying: “It is indeed Instant Transmission secret skill, but it is very much different from the Instant Transmission of the space ability!”

If the space ability’s Instant Transmission is to force open a space tunnel via one’s own energy and teleport, then Planet Yardrat’s Instant Transmission is to cleverly make use of the marvelous interaction between Ki and energy, and complete Instant Transmission by warping space.

It is like the description of FTL travel in science fiction novels that Xiaya had read before in his past life.

Using a jet propulsion engine to accelerate, the amount of energy that is required will be infinite, however if the engine is switched to warp drive, the required energy will be greatly reduced, because at that time, the energy source required to propel the spaceship forward will no longer be the engine’s itself, but will be space, the fabric of space itself will be moving and not the spaceship itself.

It is the driving force used by Instant Transmission.

Of course, since Yardratian’s Instant Transmission secret skill is to warp space via Ki, it is naturally vulnerable to external energy interferences.

And in a high-intensity combat and energy flowing everywhere situation, its chance of success will be greatly reduced.

However, this shortcoming, cannot be removed whether it is for abilities or secret skill.

Before, in front of God of Destruction Beerus, his body’s energy was as if it had stagnated, unable to launch his ability to escape.

“No wonder, just now that Yardratian warned us to only choose one secret skill.

As it turns out, when training secret skill, the impact on the spirit is so huge.” Xiaya was slightly surprised.

Theoretically, Planet Yardrat’s Instant Transmission is entirely different from that of an ability.

The former uses Ki to warp space, as space provides a boost.

As for the latter, it uses energy to force open space wormhole to travel across starfield.

Choosing its strong points and combine it with his ability, Xiaya can further improve his Instant Transmission.

At that time, it may be able to become on par with Kibito’s Instant Transmission.

This is exactly what Xiaya needs.

In fact, when he experienced the spiritual impacts of the Instant Transmission secret skill, he knew that this secret skill was extremely difficult to train.

If he wants to learn, it probably would take a long time.

“Xiling, do you really want to learn Instant Transmission”

Looking at the girl in front of him, Xiaya again asked to confirm.

Planet Yardrat’s secret skills learning requirements were too high.

An average person may only be able to learn one throughout their entire life.

If he chooses but fails to learn, it would really be ‘gains do not make up for the losses’.

“Of course!”

Xiling did not turn her head around, her tone very resolute.

Her pair of bright and shiny starry eyes were looking at the wall before she sat down and began to immerse herself in learning.

Xiaya couldn’t help but laugh and shook his head.

He turned to look at Myers and saw the kid hesitating whether she wants to learn or not, but couldn’t decide and make up her mind.

Minding his own business, Xiaya laughed, simply ignoring her, and sat down cross-legged on the ground, beginning to learn Instant Transmission secret skill.

Only after he started learning, he found out why it was surprising for Son Goku to spend one year to learn it in the original work.

Instant Transmission secret skill comprises of too many complicated things.

Even if its overall context was completely explained, it would not be easy to learn!

But this is also fine, as it would be more challenging! The more complicated a thing is, the more valuable it becomes!

Concentrating, Xiaya slowly organized it little by little.

Comparing with the similarities and differences of his space ability, he learned from other’s strong points to offset another’s weakness and mutually strengthening each other, slowly crossing the threshold.

On the other side, seeing that both Xiaya and Xiling had already begun to learn, Myers made a bitter face and again looked around the underground palace.

Finally, after walking a full circle while searching, she still couldn’t find any suitable secret skill.

Even after turning through ideas, she simply could not find anything so she sits down beside Xiaya and begins to learn Instant Transmission.

One day, two days…

Time slowly passed, and the several people were immersed in learning secret skills.

Every time they were hungry, they would take out a senzu bean to eat and then continue learning.

One senzu bean can support for ten days without meals, but it was not the greatest use of senzu beans.

If others know that Xiaya is wasting senzu beans like this, then they would really be gnashing their teeth from anger at his extravagance.


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