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Chapter 98 Peculiar Secret Skills

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In the stone house, a middle-aged man wearing Planet Yardrat’s apparel was sitting with his back against a stone chair; his profound and bright eyes flashed with a sacred yellow luster while two white hairs hung down his shoulders.

Seeing Xiaya and others enter, he said with a long-drawn-out voice: “Unexpectedly, I could still see Saiyans even after the destruction of Planet Vegeta!”

“The rumor that Yardratian possesses peculiar secret skills is indeed well deserved.

Since you know our identity, then you should also know our purpose for coming, right” Xiaya’s indifferent voice sounded.

While, neither Xiling nor Bardock said anything.

Looking at Xiaya with a profound look, the Yardratian shook his head and said.

“Saiyans temperament is still so violent, but compared to King Vegeta, you are already much better.”

“You have seen King Vegeta” Xiaya was surprised.

“Yeah, many years ago, King Vegeta had come to Planet Yardrat to have us predict the future of Saiyans.

Hehe, he could have originally avoided a lot of things, but that obstinate king of yours didn’t know the meaning of changing strategy, and was ultimately annihilated with Planet Vegeta!”

After listening to Yardratian, Xiaya was surprised that King Vegeta had come to Planet Yardrat.

It means that King Vegeta knew the final outcome of Saiyans.

Then, why did he insist on doing it

Soon after that he threw it to the back of his mind, after all, King Vegeta is already a past tense, and he is the current leader of Saiyans.

At this time, Xiaya’s eyes on the Yardratian became a bit intriguing.

Looking at the result, it seems King Vegeta was not the opponent of this Yardratian.

Otherwise, knowing King Vegeta’s nature, he must have been angry after knowing about Saiyans future, so its impossible for him to let off Planet Yardrat.

But the result, however, is that Planet Yardrat is completely all right while Planet Vegeta was destroyed.

Very obviously, King Vegeta wasn’t able to deal with Planet Yardrat! Xiaya was inwardly clear with just a look.

“But, who knows why the future has changed.

In the prediction, Saiyans should have been completely destroyed along with Planet Vegeta, however so many of them were able to survive, I just can’t understand!” The Yardratian sighed again and again, who knows why the prediction had such a huge change.

Looking at the Yardratian before him sighing and wringing his hands, Xiaya’s heart suddenly moved, this Planet Yardrat is really mysterious!

Perhaps after Son Goku arrived on Planet Yardrat, the reason why he could learn Instant Transmission but couldn’t impart it to others, has something to do with only they personally teach it to others and not by someone else, Xiaya guessed in his heart.

“Since you can predict the future, could you predict whether we can achieve our goal or not” Xiaya asked.

“I can’t do it.

The key is not me, it is you yourself!”


“Yes!” Raising his head, a dull red light flashed in his abstruse sacred green pupils, then Yardratian gave a long sigh and said: “You are much more formidable than I imagined, King Vegeta simply can not be compared with you.

Forget it, come with me!”

Finished speaking, he got up and walked outside the house.

Xiaya and others glanced at each other and then followed.

Although this Yardratian is odd, he is indeed somewhat skilled.

Jumping down from the huge rock pillar, the Yardratian led the way in front and about ten minutes later, everyone stopped in front of a granite door under a cliff.

It was a huge granite stone door that was about five meters wide and long.

Its surface was mottled with abstruse veins, seeming having experienced the baptism of time.

Xiaya stopped and looked at the scene in front of him, the stone door was embedded in the cliff, while both sides of the protruding cliff were carved with lifelike totem marks.

This stone door is very old, it was the first impression of it in Xiaya’s mind.

“Everyone go inside.

Within, there are lot of secret skills of our Planet Yardrat carved on the walls.

And you can pick a secret skill to learn, but you can’t pick more than two, otherwise, your spirit will collapse because you will not be able to withstand the shock!”

Yardratian said.

When they curiously nodded and were getting ready to enter, that Yardratian’s voice again appeared: “The Saiyan next to you should have been cursed by Kanassan.

You can choose ‘True Spiritual Art’ to practice, which can enhance your prediction ability.”

“Thank you!”

Bardock moved his lips, looking excited.

As long as he could eliminate the Kanassan’s curse, he couldn’t care any less about the prediction ability or whatnot.

Yardratian nodded.

“Sigh, you Saiyans have accumulated too many sins.

Except for this little girl, every one of your hands is stained with the blood of countless lives.

If you don’t change, you will definitely go to hell after death.

And sooner or later, just like King Vegeta will invite a disaster!”

After hearing him, Xiaya slightly stopped his footsteps, then he turned around and said while looking at him seriously, “Yardratian is indeed a mysterious race.

You don’t seem to fear Saiyan at all.

I don’t know exactly what gives you so much confidence.

However, I still want to thank you for your reminder!”

“Saiyan is a Fighting Race, and not a race of barbarians.

There are many things that could still be changed.”

“Hehe, I hope so!”

Calmly laughing, the Yardratian shook his head, turned around and left.

It seemed that he didn’t take it seriously.

These Yardratian’s are really strange.

Obviously, they have formidable strength and myriads of peculiar secret skills.

Yet, they peacefully live on this remote little Planet Yardrat, never revealing their strength outside.

This race’s nature is very different from Saiyans.

Xiaya acknowledges that such a clean-living and honest* race still exists in the universe.

[TL: A race which is not contaminated by evil.]

But there could be another possibility; They had predicted future with their great abilities and know that it was their best way to survive!

Of course, this is just like gauging the heart of a gentleman with one’s own inferior thoughts.

Xiaya shook his heads, throwing it to the back of his mind and then shifted his gaze to the huge stone door, he pushed it open and entered.

What appeared in front of him was a long, winding down corridor.

After moving downward along the winding corridor, about three or four minutes later, space inside suddenly opened up becoming spacious and well-lit.

A underground palace with jade carvings appeared in Xiaya and others line of sight.

Majestic, beautiful.

With fist-sized blue-white stone materials intertwined with each other, the vein patterns were irregular and unique, causing the beauty of simplicity to not be lost.

Which when combined with abstract and beautiful mysterious relief sculpture on the surrounding stone walls, immediately reflected the indescribable scene of Planet Yardrat’s elegant demeanor of ancient times in Xiaya’s mind.

“Spiritual impact!”

Xiaya suddenly came back to himself and again looked at the dissimilar in shape stone wall which was carved with relief sculptures glistening with green light.

Suddenly, mighty waves churned in his heart.

Again looking at those reliefs sculptures, he could only see slightly ordinary relief sculptures, but with a faint hint of mystery within.


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