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Chapter 97 Planet Yardrat

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After confirming that every member of the Armored Squadron was killed, Xiaya leaped over to Xiling’s side, turned over his hand to take out a senzu bean from his dimensional space before feeding it to her; the injuries on Xiling’s body quickly recovered.

Ho! Jumping out of the crater, Xiling’s pretty face concentrates and her Ki suddenly erupted out, pulverizing the sand on her body.

Sensing the surging strength flowing throughout her body, Xiling squinted her eyes with an intoxicated expression and said, pleasantly surprised: “Xiaya, my Battle Power has improved by a lot, it seems to have reached 140,000.”

Xiaya nodded calmly and said: “This is quite normal.

Because it was your first time facing a life and death battle, it increased by so much.

Don’t expect it to increase so fast later on.”

Since, before Xiling was under too much protection, she had experienced too few life and death trials.

Although Battle Power can normally be increased in various ways, there is no doubt that no matter what kind of fight it is, it is not as good as actual combat.

Therefore, combat is the most direct and effective method to increase Battle Power.

Hence, her fight with Salza caused her Saiyan’s combat bloodline to erupt out of her body, triggering her foundation to burst out, which led to her Battle Power instantly rising to 140,000.

After glancing at the land that was burnt yellow and black because of fighting, Xiaya shook his head as he deeply felt the price paid by nature to train a High-level Warrior: “Let’s go!” Finished speaking, he then soared to the sky together with Xiling, flying towards where Bardock was.

After fighting with Armored Squadron, Xiaya got a basic and clear understanding of his strength.

Without using his ability, he could only say that he was almost on par with Armored Squadron, maybe a bit more powerful, but it would have been impossible for him to win so easily.

However, after he uses his ability, then experts like that of Armored Squadron’s level, he could completely ignore.

Killing them is easier than killing chickens, and can even do a one-hit insta-kill.

But when to use his ability, he would still have to be cautious.

“It’s just that only the energy within my body is consumed when I use my ability.

If things go on like this, will it cause me to become dependent on it, thus reducing my reaction to Ki” Thinking of this, Xiaya’s eyebrows clumped up, hesitating whether he should be using his ability so excessively.

Although abilities can also be a good way to enhance combat capabilities, in the dragon ball world, what people rely on is still strong strength after all.

In fact, within the original work, people who rely on superpower to become experts can be said to be extremely minimal.

Such as Guldo in Ginyu Force, although he is proficient in time-related ability, he himself, however, did not have much Battle Power, and eventually had his head chopped by Vegeta when he stopped his ability.

And his space-time ability is also very energy-consuming, especially when dealing with powerful enemies the energy consumption would be even more serious.

If his personal strength is not powerful enough, it would easy to follow in Guldo’s footsteps.

“Abilities and magic are obviously somewhat showy and are normally only used as a support as they are not primary skills for fighting.” Xiaya inwardly reckoned.

“Fortunately, I come to realization early on.

By excessively depending on abilities, it can be convenient and fast but it may leave hidden troubles for me.” Henceforth, Xiaya decided to use his abilities as a trump card and shouldn’t use it lightly at any time.

Like this time, although he was able to easily finish off the Armored Squadron, and had obtained an overwhelming advantage with regards to the result.

However, from a different perspective, he also lost the opportunity to confront an enemy of similar strength with whom he can fight properly.

It was not clear whether he had benefited or suffered as the increase in his Battle Power was not obvious.

He feels like he has, to get results, lost the process of fighting to one heart’s content and from a distant perspective may not have obtained the best result.


On the other side.

As Armored Squadron’s aura disappeared from the planet, Bardock’s taut nerves thereby relaxed.

After which, he saw Xiaya and Xiling return safely, so he finally revealed a smile on his stiff face.

At this time, he noticed that Xiling’s aura had undergone earth-shaking change, and he couldn’t help but reveal admiration on his face.

But he soon returned to himself and asked, “ Sir Xiaya, who was your opponent that you had to use your full-strength”

Judging from the spectacle from before which had occurred due to fighting, even when separated by a huge distance, it was difficult for Bardock to endure the mere energy ripples.

He can’t think of anyone in the universe with whom Xiaya had needed to use his full strength to fight.

Even against Frieza’s subordinate Ginyu Force, it may not have had to be at this level.

“Yeah, the whole planet was shaking just now when you were fighting as if it was an earthquake!” Myers raised her eyebrows as she asked with curiosity.

Xiaya smiled and said: “The other was the powerful Armored Squadron of the North Area.”

“Armored Squadron Never heard of it…” Myers shook her head.

The young her doesn’t know of any Armored Squadron.

However, when Bardock on the side, heard that it was actually Armored Squadron, his complexion immediately distorted before anxiously asking: “Sir Xiaya, you said Armored Squadron… that Armored Squadron which works under Cooler”

“That’s right, Cooler’s Armored Squadron!” Xiaya nodded with confirmation as he looked at Bardock.

“Hisss! Its unexpected that Cooler’s Armored Squadron was defeated by Sir Xiaya!” Receiving Xiaya’s confirmation, Bardock sucked in a cold breath while his eyes were full of incredulity.

Myers didn’t know Armored Squadron, but it doesn’t mean that Bardock doesn’t know.

He had carried out missions for many years, so it could be said that his understanding of Cooler Armored Squadron was very detailed.

That is one of the best battle squadron in North Area!

Rumor has it that the Battle Power of each member of the Armored Squadron is much higher than Ginyu Force’s Captain Ginyu.

Thinking of the fierce battle from before, Bardock suddenly felt that this words were not wrong.

On second thought, then how powerful Sir is since Cooler’s Armored Squadron was destroyed at his hands

Withdrawing his astonished expression, Bardock tried to calm down his emotions as much as possible, but the excitement in his eyes still made Myers on the side curious.

“Hey hey, is that Cooler’s Armored Squadron very powerful How is it compared to Frieza Corps”

Hearing her, Bardock couldn’t help but laugh.

In Myers’ eyes, the Frieza Corps, which had chased after her shouting and itching to kill, was already very powerful.

Experience determines the outlook, it was not at all false!

Considering that Myers was a highly talented person, and maybe could become Saiyans’ backbone or even a hegemon in future.

Thus, Bardock patiently explained to her: “Cooler’s Armored Squadron is the most powerful ace squad working under Cooler who rule the northern part of

the North Area.

They are a very frightening troop whose every member is rumored to have Battle Power above 100,000.”

“Don’t say, Frieza Corp, even Frieza’s ace troops- Ginyu Force, was not the opponent of any single member of the Armored Squadron.”

“Oh, So powerful!” Myers was amazed in her heart, but then her little face turned disdainful: “But even so, weren’t they still annihilated by Xiaya”

After speaking, she turned around her head, looked at Xiling and said, “I didn’t think that you were so powerful.

But, obviously, you are not much older than me…”

“Humph humph, that’s of course.”

Coldly snorting, Xiling proudly sticks out her chest and looked at Myers with a complacent expression.

“Why are you gasping when you are healthy!”

“Ta ta!”

Reaching out his hand, Xiaya knocked on both of their heads and scolded them, then he took everyone and hurried on with their journey.

At the moment, they had already traveled more than half of the distance and there was still lot of distance to Planet Yardrat.

A few hours later.

Planet Yardrat’s Galaxy.

A colorful brilliance flickered for a moment, and then four figures suddenly appeared on Planet Yardrat.

Feeling the gravity on Planet Yardrat and breathing the air on the planet, Xiaya turned around to look at everyone and said: “We’ll first find the strongest Yardratian and then learn the secret skills from them.”

The several people which were lead by Xiaya naturally nodded at his arrangement.

Hence, they all soared into the sky and flew towards the person with the most powerful aura.

Planet Yardrat is located in the eastern region of

North Area.

It is an extremely mysterious planet having numerous peculiar secret skills which people yearn for even in their dreams.

Yardratian are a peace-loving race, they are hospitable and loathe fighting, yet they have also developed numerous peculiar skills.

Although their individual Battle Power is extremely high, they had never taken the initiative to invade others.

And it is because of their credit that, in the entire eastern region, the regions nearby Planet Yardrat were relatively peaceful.

Moist air blew on the face bringing a cool sensation.

Xiaya and others were flying very fast, several lights flickered and then disappeared into the horizon.

The houses of Yardratian were built on stone pillars where spherical buildings were built on top of stone pillars of several tens of meters height, making it look like a giant lollipop from far away.

“The most powerful aura on Planet Yardrat is just below.” Looking at the simple and elegant building below, Xiaya smiled.

“From the Aura, that Yardratian’s Battle Power below should be around 70,000!”

“Come, let’s go down and have a look!”

Saying that the four people lowered their altitude and landed on a stone pillar which is tens of meters tall above the ground.

Not far away, there was a semisphere building.

“The few friends who have come from afar, please come in!” A leisurely voice suddenly came out from inside the room, the sound was aged and deep; it was as if he was seemingly waiting for their arrival.

Xiaya and others stared blankly for a moment, but then remembered that Yardratians have mastered various peculiar secret skills, so didn’t find it surprising that their arrival had been predicted.

“Let’s go!” Xiaya grinned, laughed leisurely, and took the lead as he headed toward the semisphere building.


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