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Chapter 96 Annihilated

Translator- DM

Dore died, just like that But, he had only fought for few rounds, and he just died!

Neiz stared blankly at the dying Dore before his eyes widened, revealing an incredulous expression.

Dore was an expert with 150,000 Battle Power ah! Even I am somewhat inferior compared to him, then how could Dore lose so easily Neiz didn’t dare to believe the scene before him, his face revealing an aghast expression.

Dore lost! Then I also wouldn’t be able to win!

Neiz looked at Xiaya and could not help but become frightened.

He could easily kill Dore.

This guy’s strength…is absolutely above me, suddenly his face became pale as a chill shoots straight from the soles of his feet to his head.

Neiz changed from attacking to defending, and he quickly retracted his vigorous strides before his figure flashed, fleeing towards Salza.

“How could Dore be killed!!”

On the other side, Salza who was tangled in a fight with Xiling, still had the energy to observe the situation around him.

When he noticed that Dore was killed by Xiaya, his complexion instantly became gloomy and ugly.

This was the first time since the creation of Armored Squadron that its member was killed.

Moreover, it was in front of his eyes.

“Don’t look around, your opponent is me!”

Xiling shouted with dissatisfaction, her black hair heroically floating, and her smoky graceful eyebrows were slightly puckered up.

Just now Xiaya’s movements were too fast, so she was not able to clearly see what had happened.

“Captain!” Neiz looked worriedly at Salza, and he had no choice but to worry about their safety now.

They can’t let Dore’s tragedy happen to them.

Salza coldly snorted, glaring with an unpleasant expression.

Neiz wanted to say something but hesitated, the words stuck in his throat unable to speak anything.

Then, his body cautiously approached Salza.

“Calm down, our opponent is not that fearful, as long as we attack together, it is not sure who would prevail!” Even though he had spoken as such, Salza, however, did not dare to be the slightest bit careless.

From Xiaya’s performance just now, Salza knows that he is not the other’s match.

His strength in Armored Squadron was only in the middle.

The reason why he is the captain was because of his clever mind and because King Cooler recognizes his worth.

However, in order to be safe, Salza has quietly thought of a plan.

Then, he will have to go all out.

“Neiz, attack with your full strength, how can the strongest battle squadron under King Cooler be easily defeated!” Salza exuded a dark aura from his body and revealed an attitude of resisting with all he has got.

Neiz followed his example.

He also knows that it was a critical situation where either you die or I die.


Salza and Neiz both roared, their whole body immediately erupting out with threatening imposing aura.

A silver-colored air turbulence raged around them and the ground began to shake and tremble.

Due to the imposing aura, the ground beneath their foot forcibly sunk downward by 0.5m.

The rocks could not withstand the enormous pressure and shattered, forming numerous deep cracks.

The sky began to change color, making it seem extremely dark, and the pressure immediately skyrocketed.

Xiling looked on stupefied, staring blankly for a moment before she also erupted out with all her Battle Power.


Her 120,000 Battle Power’s all-out strength erupted out, and the pale golden ambiance surrounded Xiling’s body which was unripe as a young sprout, the pale light was crystal clear and lustrous.

Xiaya’s mouth curled upward and quietly watched the blue-skinned, yellow-haired Salza and the red-skinned Neiz.

“Are they going all-out Hehehe, 140,000 and 130,000 Battle Power! Salza is a little bit stronger.

It’s a pretty good Battle Power.

With such Battle Power, they would rarely have an opponent in the entire universe, but it’s too bad…as today you have run into me!”

Xiaya also goes all-out, his aura suddenly burst out, finally stabilizing at 150,000.

A world-shaking undulation rivaling Salza and Neiz, or even stronger appeared, and the entire planet began to tremble.

The other side of the planet.

Both Bardock and Myers were stunned as they sensed the fight on the other side of the planet.

“Sir Xiaya is powerful to such an extent but it is even harder to believe that … the other several energy levels were equally matched.” Bardock shuddered, the Saiyan bloodline in his body boiling, he was itching to also join the fight.

However, he controlled himself through reason.

He knew that his Battle Power was less than 40,000, and joining in would only be like delivering food to others!

Reasonably, whether Salza or Xiaya, the strength displayed by both of them was not as frightening as when Frieza had destroyed Planet Vegeta, but Bardock, at that time, had not yet interacted with Ki and could not fully understand Frieza’s terror.

“Xiaya is amazing, but how can Xiling be so powerful!”

Myers had her hands folded across her chest while she bit her thumb, pacing at the same place with an incredulous face.


“Oh, no, when did such a formidable expert appeared out of nowhere in the universe It looks like I am not his opponent!”

Feeling the threatening imposing aura released by Xiaya, Salza could see that he is in trouble.

Therefore, after consideration, he gave a loud shout and attacked Xiling.

In an instant, fist shadows interweaved like a windstorm, and he suddenly launched an offensive brimming with immense destruction.

Xiling’s pupil abruptly contracted.

Seeing that Salza gave up his attack on Xiaya and was attacking her, she naturally understand the reasoning of picking a permission which is soft.

And right now, she was obviously treated as a soft persimmon*! [Bullying a good-tempered, easy-to-bully, weak person, or to pick something that is easier to achieve without difficulty]

Hateful ah! Xiling loudly roared in her heart.

As she faced Salza’s unceasing attacks, she rhythmically swayed her body and easily dodged.

Although Salza’s attack was mighty, quick and violent, it could not cause too big of an injury to Xiling.

Salza focused while holding his breath, and brought his strength to the limit before speeding up, coordinating his craftiness with his incomparable footwork.

The two people’s figure intertwined, and for a short while, they exchanged attacks which were full of sounds and colors.

And, what was Neiz doing at this time He is being pressured by Xiaya with his fierce look.

If he moves even a little bit, Xiaya will launch a ruthless offensive against him.

Thus, although Xiling and Salza were fighting fiercely on the side, Xiaya and Neiz, however, were quiet without any movement.

“With Xiling’s strength, it’s a bit tough for her to deal with Salza!” Xiaya’s expression was calm and his sharp eyes could make out that Xiling would not be able to carry on anymore.

Sure enough, not long afterward, Xiling’s movements began to get chaotic, and the fight’s rhythm was gradually being controlled by Salza, which quickly revealed flaws!


Salza’s eyes suddenly lit up, allowing him to catch Xiling’s flaws.

He then launched an earth-shattering offensive, making Xiling retreat in defeat.

“Hu…” A strong palm force attacked, Xiling raised her strength to the maximum and waved her fist to counterattack.

Salza, however, suddenly moved his body, and the force from the counterattack only hit an illusory afterimage.

Not good! Xiling inwardly shouted, shocked.

Salza’s silhouette suddenly appeared to her side.

“Pfff!” The vast energy hit her, and her slender body immediately flew out like a kite with a broken string.

Rumble, Xiling spit out a mouthful of blood while lying down in a ring-shaped crater.

The gravel dust blots out the sky and earth as her body was half buried in the sand.

“Die for me!”

Seeing the opportunity, Selza quickly dived down.

How can he still give her the chance to make a comeback His palm condensed a silver-white thin energy blade and chopped it towards Xiling’s head.


The world again fell into silence, and the icy blue world again descended as everything yet again became still.


Space-Time Freeze, remove.

Salza looked ahead with a stupefied expression on his face.

For him, it was as if the time hasn’t stopped at all.

Then a glimmer of confusion flashed in his eyes, his Energy blade had clearly cut down.

Then, why didn’t anything happen to his opponent

Looking down, he quickly saw that the part below his elbow had disappeared, and the blood continued to splash out from the wound.

“Ah!!!” Salza spurted out blood from pain, and his hoarse mournful voice reverberated in the sky.

Moving his eyes, he saw that young man was clutching his broken arm in one hand while holding in the other… Neiz’s head!

“How could this happen, when was Neiz killed by him”

His pupils suddenly contracted, Salza could smell the scent of death, the enemy’s attack has not yet attacked but he could already smell the aura of death.

“Hehe, you were able to seriously injure Xiling.

Although I wanted her to experience a life and death battle, I still can’t help but feel angry.

Armored Squadron is bound to get destroy today!”

The icy ruthless voice transmitted into Salza’s ears, and a despairing aura assaulted his face.

Xiaya aimed the huge energy wave between his hands, at the battered and exhausted Salza before launching it.

Xiu! The energy wave like a blue dragon had a frightening aura as it continuously attacked in a relentless manner.

Salza’s pupils suddenly turned into needle-shaped.

“No! How could Armored Squadron be annihilated King Cooler won’t let you go…” His voice had just fell and Bang! His eyes filled with regret and unwillingness, Salza was struck by the frightening energy waves, immense energy which has no emotion…

In the face of the overwhelming and absolute destruction, Salza was ruthlessly crushed into cosmic dust.

After destroying Salza, Xiaya lightly sighed, and then threw Neiz’s head to midair, and destroyed it with an Energy Wave.

This day, Cooler Armored Squadron was completely annihilated!


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