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Chapter 94 Armored Squadron

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From the milky way star chart provided by Feidaya people, Xiaya found that Planet Yardrat is located to the east of the North Area, while Planet Hongshan is in the East Area.

Therefore, it would take a long time to travel from Planet Hongshan to Planet Yardrat.

However, for Xiaya, it wasn’t much of a problem.

After his time and space ability merged into space-time ability, he discovered that he could utilize space much more easily and at his will.

Hence, he brought along Xiling, Myers, and Bardock, quickly shuttling from one planet to another.

Soon, they arrived at a planet on the east of the North Area.

In the distance, chimney smoke curling upwards, and villages scattered everywhere could be seen.

It was a dark green medium-level planet whose civilization was quite primitive.

Xiaya and others instead of disturbing the livelihood of the aboriginals, stayed on a mountain range, resting for a while as well as solve the problem of food.

Teleportation for long-distances was a huge drain on Xiaya’s stamina, so he was taking a break here.

After taking a glance at the picturesque scenery of the surrounding area, Xiaya assigned tasks to everyone: “Bardock and Myers will go find some prey, while I check out the nearby areas for any special situation.”

“What about me Do I cook” Xiling was eager to show everyone her cooking that she had learned.

Xiaya gave her a contemptuous look and said, “You go cool off to the side.

With your cooking skills, I’m afraid that if I gave you food to cook, we will have nothing to eat!”

“Where is my cooking so bad” Xiling said, displeased.

Myers giggled, but seeing Xiling looking at her with a murderous look, she immediately stopped laughing before trotting to Bardock’s side, as if looking for him to help her.

“That’s it! Everyone get to work!” Xiaya couldn’t help but smile when he saw it.

This Myers’ courage wasn’t small, but whenever she angers Xiling, she would go and latch on to Bardock’s “thick thigh”, not having even a little bit of moral integrity.

Leaving several illusory afterimages, Xiaya, Bardock, and Myers disappeared before her eyes.

Xiling muttered to herself, and dejectedly crouched down on a ledge while murmuring to herself.

This green planet’s ecosystem was very good, so the forests here were abundant with various kinds of wild animals.

He had to only walk through the forest for a while and he caught a few flavorful wild animals; they were small animals similar to rabbits, but with much heavier odor.

These should be enough! Looking at his results, Xiya chuckled with satisfaction and retraced his path back.

Xiling was sitting idly on a ledge, her small hands dangling on the edge, while her legs leisurely sway in mid-air.

Seeing that Xiaya has come back, she immediately jumped down from the ledge.

“Why is these smell strange” Xiling held her nose as she smelled the odor coming from the small animals.

“They are wild animals, wait for a second and you will know,” Xiaya responded with a smile.

He then looked for a relatively smooth ground and clapped his palms causing a boulder to float in midair, while simultaneously his finger drew a line in midair.


Several gleams of light flashed, and like cutting tofu, the boulder in midair was cut into cubes of similar size, and the minute odds and bits at the corner was crushed into dust, dispersing.


The evenly cut stones fell to the ground, around a small stove.

Xiaya inwardly nodded at his masterpiece, and then from the forest, he carried out few arm-length thick logs and used them to build a stand.

At this time, Bardock and Myers also came back, dragging a few whimpering ferocious beasts behind them.

Seeing them, Xiling’s eyes shone as she ran towards them and took several circles around the huge beasts looking similar to wild boars which were in her eyes, a very delicious lunch.

Of course, it was still just a food ingredient.

During the cooking process, Xiaya was in charge, while Bardock acted as his assistant; disemboweling, putting it on a barbecue stand, and sprinkling natural spices they always carry along.

After a while, a fragrant aroma wafted out and greeted them, arousing their appetites.

Everyone licked their tongues as their appetite got aroused.

Saiyans appetite was very frightening, so very quickly, the several beasts were completely devoured by them.

“Delicious!” Contented, Xiling praised while eating.

After finished nibbling a leg, she inelegantly licked the fats on her lips.

Seeing this, Xiaya joked: “If you could also make such food ever, I would be at ease.”

“I don’t think she can ever learn it.” Myers laughed.

“I see that you are eager for a spanking.” If it was some other time, Xiling would have definitely gotten angry after hearing this words, but right now she had eaten till full, so Myers’s words were just like wind passing by her ears.

Just glared at her, too lazy to bicker.

On the side, Bardock who was quietly eating lightly shook his head.

Suddenly, a “Zizi” ear-piercing sound appeared in the sky, as if something was rapidly creating friction against the air.

“What’s going on” Frowning, Bardock asked as he put down the food in his hand.

Xiaya shrugged and was prepared to soar high up in the sky to investigate.

But suddenly, a loud bang sound came from far away while simultaneously, the ground began to slightly tremble.

“Xiaya, there are few powerful auras!” Holding a roasted animal’s foreleg in her hand, Xiling approached Xiaya while her face turned solemn as she sensed the energy aura pervading the air.

Xiaya also nodded solemnly.

Just now, he sensed three unusually powerful auras suddenly appeared on this planet.

It should have come from outer space just now.

From the aura alone, he could sense, from the Ki fluctuations, that all three energy auras were more than 100,000, as well as very dark.

“Everyone, be careful, Aliens have arrived on the planet.

And their Battle Power is very high!”

After Bardock heard him, he became apprehensive.

If it was evaluated as a very high by Xiaya, then it has to at least be of the same level to him!

Currently, Xiaya has a 150,000 Battle Power, and the three aliens that just arrived on the planet are unexpectedly on par with him.

That is to say, on this unknown planet, there were five strong experts gathered here with more than 100,000 Battle Power.

On the other side.

In a forest that has been changed into scorched earth due to impact, the razing flames continued to burn, and the rolling black smoke spreads around a pungent odor everywhere.

At this time, three figures emerged from the black smoke.

“Hehehe, Captain, it’s a very suitable life planet.

If you conquer it, you can sell it for a good price!” Among the three people, a red Alien laughed as he talked about his work.

“Neiz, King Cooler’s mission is very important.

It would be enough if you can just let others handle this small planet.

If we can find the Tree of Might’s Fruit which is much more valuable to King Cooler compared to selling thousands of planets!”

Steeping on a rock, a yellow-haired Alien, Salza who was the leader of the three said as he laughed evilly with an icy expression.

That red alien called Neiz understood and laughed, thinking that captain has meticulously thought it out.

The most important thing for them is to find Tree of Might’s Fruit.

Everything else is secondary.

“It’s a pity that the technology of the people on this planet seems to very lacking.

Until now, no one seems to have discovered us.

Like this, we can’t have a good fight!” Neiz licked his lips as he sighed with regret.

At this time, the Alien Dore, who was the burliest of the three men, heard him before jokingly saying, “Then you pray for the mission provided by the King to finish early.

So that you can go look for a planet, which is worthy for you to act!”

“Haha, right!” Neiz laughed heartily.

If Xiaya saw these people, he would surely be surprised to find that the three aliens who have arrived on this planet were Cooler’s ace troops——Armored Squadron!

At this time, Salza and others are searching for Tree of Might’s fruit on Cooler’s orders.

This squadron constitutes the evil fighters from the North Area, and its members were gathered by Cooler.

The three members were the ace among the aces.

Their strength was extremely frightening.

Even the weakest member was much stronger than Captain Ginyu from Ginyu Force.

Comparable to them in strength, there were really few which could be found in the North Area.

Cooler was looking for Tree of Might’s Fruit to increase his strength and had sent almost all of his elite subordinates.

Hence, Armored Squadron has arrived at this remote eastern region.


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