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Chapter 93 *Hidden*

Translator- DM

Today, the weather was warm and sunny as the sun was shining brightly.

Throughout the year, the weather on Planet Hongshan was like spring, and the air was pervaded with a wonderful fragrance, refreshing people’s mind.

On the special battle squadron’s training ground, the more than 80 Saiyan children have finished their daily training.

Arranged in twelve rows according to the squad’s uniform, they were expectantly standing with heads raised high waiting for instructions.

In these days, Xiaya taught his students using military-style training, and the effect was naturally very good.

“After these several months of training, everyone had basically mastered the use of Ki.

Next, we will use Gravity Machine for training, but you must keep in mind that you can’t rush when training as it can be harmful…”

When the Saiyan’s below heard that “Preliminary Mastery of Ki” was complete, and that they could finally train using Gravity Machine.

Everyone was restless and whispered to each other, seemingly very excited.


“Xiaya, when can we form teams and carry out missions.

I am growing rusty since I can’t fight.” Xiaya was walking, when he heard a shout from far away, and saw a burly young man running towards him.

“Why, Bailey, have you already become impatient in such a short amount of time” Seeing that the person running over was Bailey from the original Xiaya Squad, Xiaya couldn’t help but smile and ask.

The fifteen-year-old Bailey has a well-built burly body, looking like a brute.

I guess he will become just like Nappa in future, a muscular man.

Compared with Xiaya’s thin and graceful build, it was progressing towards a completely different direction.

“Not impatient, it’s just that my hands are somewhat itchy…” Bailey scratched his head and said with embarrassment.

Xiaya laughed and looked at Bailey.

His eyes looked majestic as he said, “If you want to go out to perform missions, you should first raise your strength since your life is very precious.

Can’t you see that other Saiyans are also not allowed to go out of Planet Hongshan”

“If you want to go out, you must first raise your Battle Power!” This was an ironclad golden rule.

Planet Hongshan has only totally around 14000 Saiyans, so each and every person’s life is very valuable.

Currently, Planet Hongshan’s Guardian Corp is still developing the external surroundings.

Before their strength can meet the requirements, no Saiyan is allowed to go out and perform missions.

“Hey, but my Battle Power has already reached 4200.

An ordinary High-level Warrior only has this much Battle Power ah!” Whining, Bailey said in a whining tone as his face collapsed, he was feeling too much pressure when he thought how he was not allowed to go out even with this much Battle Power.

If it was before, he could have bragged about having more than 4,000 Battle Powers for a long time.

In the original work, when Saiyan Nappa attacked earth he was also at this level.

“This was before, now Planet Hongshan does not have the so-called Low-level, High-level Warrior division.

Everyone is on the same starting line.

If you don’t want to fall behind, then hurry up and train!” Chuckling, Xiaya patted on Bailey’s shoulder.

“Fine then!”

Before this guy used to be the weakest in the Xiaya Squad.

Now he’s in the special battle squadron.

If he doesn’t work hard, he would be overtaken by others.

“How was it Being admonished by Xiaya, I had said that you are raising this topic too early…” When Bailey returned to the squadron, Lydia who was waiting for him to return asked in a gloating tone.

“What did you say” Bailey glared at him.

At this time, when a beautiful young girl on the side whose long hair was fluttering in the air saw the two quarreling again, her beautiful little face frowned before she shouted with annoyance: “Both of you stop right now, if you can’t even grasp the good opportunity given in the special battle squadron, what future prospects will you have”

“Anastasia is right.

You both have to be a little bit serious,” said Angeline.

“Bailey, Lydia, go back and train.

Don’t think of useless things all the time!” Shaque said in a dignified voice.

“We were the first people to follow Xiaya.

Don’t you feel embarrassed if you were still overtaken by Saiyans of other Squads”

“Anyway, I can’t lose to those people!”

Shaque coldly snorted and turned away, leaving.

Anastasia shook her head and turned around, her beautiful eyes staying on them for a while.

She then said in a melodious voice: “Bailey, you go back and properly think about it, or else I will properly train you.”

Suddenly shuddering, Bailey trembled and continuously nodded with a defeated expression.

Since coming to Planet Hongshan, Xiaya Squad has existed in name only, now Shaque was the most important person in the squad.


Walking on a flat path, Xiaya couldn’t help but shake his head.

Bailey, that fellow has already begun to feel complacent after getting such little achievements.

Really, don’t know what future prospects he will have! Anyway, Shaque and Anastasia should be able to teach him well.

About Shaque and Anastasia, Xiaya was very much reassured.

Pondering, Xiaya happily headed toward his home.

However, the matter of going out of Planet Hongshan really needs to be considered.

Saiyan cannot always stay on Planet Hongshan.

He felt pain in his head just thinking about this.

When he returned home, he did not see Xiling anywhere.

Xiaya thought for a second and guessed that she might have been brought away by Aunt Rebecca to learn cooking.

Hence, he took a short break, and then again walked out of the door.

But, before he could even take two steps, he happens to bump into Bardock and Gine, who were walking over here.

“Sir Xiaya!” Bardock forcefully shouted.

“Sir Xiaya, we were just about to look for you!” Gine cordially greeted.

“What’s the matter” Xiaya stopped and responded while laughing.

Son Goku’s mother, Gine, was a petite woman just like Alice.

She used to be responsible for logistics of meat processing at Planet Vegeta.

After arriving at Planet Hongshan, she was still doing logistics work.

“These days, Bardock’s headaches are getting worse, Is there any way to remove Kanassan’s curse” When she spoke of this, Gine was somewhat depressed.

With a slight laugh, his eyes shifted to Bardock.

Xiaya mused for a moment and said: “As far as I know, there are few ways to remove Planet Kanassa’s curse, but the ability to see future is equivalent to a prediction ability.

It’s very useful.

It’s best to keep it if you can.”

Bardock nodded as he listened.

“Right, I’m going to make a trip to Planet Yardrat in a few days.

You just come with me and see if you can possibly find a cure.”

In fact, after gathering seven dragon balls, he could also use Shenron’s power to solve Bardock’s problem.

However, coincidentally it happens that he is going to Planet Yardrat and can just search for a solution there first.

Speaking of dragon balls, he recalls that there were four dragon balls in his dimensional space.

Now that the appearance of the dragon balls has been restored, it seems that he needs to make a trip to earth and return the four dragon balls back to their original owners.

“Then we will trouble Sir Xiaya!”

When Gine heard that there was a way to treat her husband’s condition.

The depressed look on her face immediately disappeared, revealing a smile.

“It’s nothing, just a minor matter!” Xiaya waved his hand and said with a smile.

At this time Gine’s lower abdomen was slightly bulging.

It looks like she has been pregnant for some time.

Xiaya laughed and said: “Congratulations to both of you, it seems there will be a new addition to our Saiyan family.”

“Thanks!” Gine’s face was happy as she shyly leaned close to Bardock.

Xiaya did not expect that Son Goku will have another younger brother or sister because of the series of changes caused by him.

He couldn’t help but sigh at the wonders of the world.

After bidding farewell to the Bardock and Gine, Xiaya headed forward and went to Adri’s doorstep.

Sure enough! After entering inside, he could see Xiling holding kitchen utensils, and carefully receiving Rebecca’s teachings.

However, looking at her, he could see that she still has a long way to go before she could finish learning.

On the dining table, Xiaya brought the matter of him going to Planet Yardrat.

And the first to respond was Xiling who said that she will also go along.

About Instant Transmission ability, she had been eyeing it covetously for quite a long time and this time she will learn it no matter what.

And Myers was also not willing to be left behind and asked to come along with them.

Xiaya thought for a second then nodded, approving.

Next morning, after handing over Planet Hongshan’s affairs to Adri, Xiaya took Xiling, Myers, and Bardock and launched Instant Transmission leaving Planet Hongshan.

As for the position of Planet Yardrat, it was long ago marked on Feidaya people’s Milky Way star chart.

Chapter 93 Leaving for Planet Yardrat


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