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Chapter 92 Training Special Battle Squadron

Translator- DM

In the blink of an eye, one month passed.

After the preliminary selection and grouping, special battle squadron member’s training has also officially started.

As a lot of effort was taken to select the members in the preliminary stage, it will save a lot of inconveniences in the following training.

These carefully selected children’s have an outstanding comprehension.

They were just like a smooth white paper upon which Xiaya can write however he likes, quickly training them onto the right path.

Training ground, a group of children were sweating as they repeatedly performed basic training maneuvers, kicking, punching, slowly moving downward, and adjusting.

To become strong, basics are very crucial.

These seemingly dull and somewhat torturous exercises, in a sense, are used to hone children’s temperament, from which their dedication can be easily distinguished! Then, they can focus on training.

However, Xiaya found that their persistence was extremely good, and they strictly complied with his requirements for training.

During this time, there was not the slightest bit of sloppiness, so the idea of selecting the best was naturally dropped.

From the children’s point of view, it was actually quite understandable because they knew how rare opportunity it is to enter the special battle squadron, where innumerable people were striving hard to enter.

Since they have obtained this opportunity, they have to work harder in training and not fail to live up to Sir Xiaya’s expectations.

“Use your heart to perceive and don’t think about how to do it, just let every movement become your body’s instincts!”

“When you are fighting, you wouldn’t have too much time to think.

Just a small flaw can be life-threatening.

Think carefully, sweat a lot now, and you can bleed less in the future!”

On the training ground, Xiaya examined them while waving his pointer, gradually imparting the ideas learned on earth into their brains, as these are the basics before beginning Ki training.

Naturally, Xiaya didn’t just blindly imitate.

He combined Saiyan’s physique and fighting habits, and made improvement in many key areas.

He treated them very severely because these people will be the future backbone of Planet Hongshan, so naturally, there couldn’t be any leniency.

Whenever there was any movement which was not up to par, the merciless pointer will directly descend.


The pointer hit a Saiyan’s body whose movements were not up to par.

“When punching, don’t use your full strength and try to conserve some strength, so there is leeway for maneuvering.”

“And as for you, if you use too many unnecessary movements when attacking, it will reduce your attack strength and make it easy for your opponent to find flaws.

Here and here, these are the flaws which could be easily caught by your opponents!”

Xiaya pointed out their problems one by one.

They did not dare to be sloppy and listened attentively while clenching their teeth.

Saiyans were early-maturing, so these children naturally understand how lucky they were to get guidance from Sir Xiaya.

They were especially serious when training, fearing that if they were sloppy they would be overtaken by others.

After the training of the special battle squadron was on the right track, except for occasionally giving pointers, he would train in the rest of the time.

Persistence is a must for training.

He cannot act like Son Gohan, who even though was very powerful had abandoned his training for other insignificant matters like studying, wasting away his great potential.

Of course, everyone has their own aspiration, and it was not that Son Gohan was wrong for pursuing studies.

Its just that walking two different paths at the same time does not work.

Wasting such a good talent for no reason.

Really regretful!

At the central location is a huge villa, it is Xiaya’s residence.

After becoming Planet Hongshan’s leader, he couldn’t continue to live at Adri’s house.

As there was a necessity for hierarchy between a superior and inferior to exist.

Even though he doesn’t care, he was not able to disregard public opinion.

Thus, a new villa was made for him.

After the villa was completed, under Adri’s consent, Xiling had happily moved into the new villa with Xiaya for training purpose.

And Myers had moved in Adri’s home because her parents had died in the Battle of Planet Vegeta.


After a round of training, Xiaya wiped his sweat and entered the bathroom, hurriedly took a cold shower, and then came to the hall to eat.

In the kitchen, Xiling was busy handling food.

Listening to the crackling sounds that came from time to time, Xiaya’s eyebrows twitched before he held his forehead as if he could already imagine the appalling scene that he would see in a while.

Soon afterward, he saw Xiling coming out while holding some kind of black-colored food.

“Xiling, this is food” Xiaya asked helplessly as he saw her holding a plate filled with some unidentifiable carbonized solid.

“Um, yeah!”

“Can you tell me what are you holding”

“Roast meat!”Xiling said with sparkling big eyes.

“You are saying this is roast meat” Xiaya said with annoyance.

He tapped the black solid with chopsticks which made a clanking sound.

“Does barbecue make such a tinkling sound Doesn’t it look like charcoal! What kind of method did you use to cook this ‘roast meat’”

“What method It just became like this when I was cooking it.” Xiling said with an innocent face.

“Forget it, we will go eat at Uncle Adri’s house after a while.

And, Xiling, you should really learn cooking.

I don’t think that the roast meat I cooked for you when I was young was like this!”

Laughing embarrassedly, Xiling pinched her fingers: “Then, Xiaya can cook from now on!”

Xiaya stared at her with a dumbfounded look and knocked on her head, finding it laughable.

“Nice try!”

“Come, let’s go to Uncle Adri’s house for dinner.” After speaking, Xiaya took the lead and strolled out of the door.

Because their villas were near each other, Adri’s house was only a few tens of meters away.

Soon, Xiaya came to the front of Adri’s villa and, without knocking, directly entered.

“Xiaya, you are here.

Food is ready.

Come quickly and eat!” Rebecca looked at him with a smile.

Myers was bent over the table and grabbed food with both of her hands as she continued to chew the one in her mouth, and spoke “I just now had said that you would come over for dinner.

How can that kid cook proper food!”

“Who said I couldn’t cook food” With a displeased voice, Xiling rushed forward, her anger rising.

“Hehe, if you can cook, then why did you come over here for dinner”

“This is my home, it’s natural to come for dinner!”

Xiling sat down at the dining table and glared at the little kid before her.

This hateful Myers is actually living in her home.

“Hahaha, you don’t have to quarrel whenever you see each other.

Myers is now my adopted daughter.

You two are sisters.

You don’t need to act like enemies.” A hearty laughter resounded.

Adri looked at his two children while laughing heartily.

“Who is her sister!”

“I don’t have this kind of elder sister!”

Xiling and Myers, big and small eyes glared at each other as they sat opposite each other, neither admitting defeat.

“Aunt Rebecca, I think you should spend some time to teach Xiling how to cook.” Sitting down at his place and arranging his cutlery, Xiaya told Rebecca in a serious tone.

Rebecca also thought that it was true and nodded, “Right, I had neglected it before.

From now on, Xiling will start learning cooking with me.” Rebecca looked at Xiling, “And there is still other housework.

In this period of time, instead of training, you will learn cooking from me.”

“What” As if hearing a very sad news, Xiling shouted in surprise.

However, after seeing Rebecca’s imposing expression, she could only lie down, causing Myers on the side to giggle…

Two months later.

Shaque, Myers and other members of the special battle squadron basic training was finally completed.

Thus, the next step was to officially begin the “Ki” training.

Since typical awareness of some people had to be reversed, Xiaya put great efforts to basics.

And in a few months, the results gradually appeared.

However, when they really touched on the theory of Ki, they were all dumbfounded.

As it was totally different from what their parents had taught them!

However, Xiaya’s prestige among them surpassed their parents after all.

Therefore, they could only earnestly train according to Xiaya’s instructions.

Youngsters ability to accept was much better than an adult Saiyan, so they gradually started getting the hang of it.

And after another three months, they had taken the first step to use Ki to perceive their opponents.

Xiaya realized that his aim has been reached and he could let them train by themselves.


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